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What tea is suitable for long-term collection

By: jack Apr. 26,2023

Pu-erh tea, white tea, black tea, aged Tieguanyin, etc. are suitable for long-term collection. These teas are fermented to a certain degree and have unique requirements for process and raw materials, etc. The nature of the tea itself is more stable, and at the same time, such as white tea, Pu-erh tea, etc., under the premise of proper storage, the internal substances of the tea will also be transformed, thus making the tea leaves more full and a series of changes will occur, namely "The more it ages, the more fragrant it becomes.

Tea that has been stored for a long time, three to five years or more, can generally be called old tea.

The concept of old tea is not something that has only come about in recent years; in the past, in folklore, there has long been a tradition of storing old tea to cure illnesses.

A tea that can be stored for a long time is one that can stand the test of time, and a tea that can withstand long storage represents a tea that is rich enough in internal substances. In a normal and reasonable storage environment, the substance undergoes some changes, allowing the tea to form a more profound and rich quality characteristics.

Wuyi rock tea is suitable for storage, "hidden deep red three times the price, every family sell every other year", that is, the fire of Wuyi rock tea will be better to drink after the fire has receded.

White tea can be stored for a long time everyone knows, not only has a unique health care value, but also the formation of date fragrance, medicinal fragrance and other unique taste, intriguing. Generally stored old white tea with less tender white peony, Shou Mei is the main.

Pu'er raw tea and ripe tea, both have the characteristics of durable storage.

Older teas have richer taste levels and stronger flavors, which are incomparable to new teas, and are the fundamental reason why pu-erh tea has investment value.

Black tea is suitable for aging, and the beneficial microorganisms in it will promote the transformation of the substances contained in black tea.

The shelf life of tea is related to the variety of tea, and different teas have different shelf life.

Like Pu-erh tea and black tea, which are fully fermented products, the shelf life can be up to 10-20 years.

Similarly, there are semi-fermented teas like Wuyi Rock Tea Da Hong Pao, etc. As long as these teas are stored properly, after repeated roasting, not only will they not deteriorate, but they can also be extended in storage time again.
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