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Which "flower" items are popular this spring and summer?

By: Beatrice Apr. 24,2023
Which "flower" items are popular this spring and summer?

☆ Floral dresses

I don't know if you have found that in the spring and summer of each year, floral dresses are becoming a favored existence in the fashion world, and sisters who don't want to spend more effort on matching can just get a floral dress, as long as it is paired with the right shoes.

The light blue floral dress, bubble sleeve design, very good to increase the sweet atmosphere, really super age reduction, right? The skirt body of the a-line shape is also very friendly to the pear-shaped body, the effect of thinning superb, the feet choose a pair of white sneakers, casual and comfortable and good-looking.

☆ floral half skirt

The spring dressing is to be clean and gentle ah ~ the combination of knitwear and half skirt, really elegant but not lose the sense of temperament, low-saturation light purple knitwear, to be honest, the first look at this tone is very much like, very lined with skin tone and white, small v-neck design, elongate the neck line, but also optimize the proportion of the body.

The bottom with a forked floral half-body skirt, skirt hem small open design, is really full of caution, inadvertently elongate the leg line, not to mention improve the waistline, visually more tall.

☆ floral shirt

This spring and summer, it is popular to wear "flower" a little, the color is more elegant floral shirt, shallow and light, can really make the popularity of quality full ~ deep v-neck design, not only weaken the shortcomings of the shoulder width, but also thin, the most important thing is to play the role of thin face.

Chiffon fabric, not only breathable but also comfortable, with a pair of jeans, loose pants version, for thick legs, legs are not straight body has excellent modification, showing legs thin effect superb.

What pants look good with floral tops?

1, floral tops + denim wide-legged pants

Really who wears who looks good set of dress, so wear the whole person will show a sense of gentle temperament, very plain a floral shirt, small v-neck design, not only optimizes the upper body figure, but also thin, the lower body with a washed denim blue wide legged pants, this color is very clean and refreshing tone, can visually give a visual cooling effect.

The top remember to all tucked into the pants inside, so as to raise the waistline up, elongate the leg line at the same time, but also show tall, shoulder green bag, very good to light up the whole look.

2, floral tops + micro pants

In this summer, be sure to get yourself a small fresh floral top yo ~ small square collar + bubble sleeve design, can really be too age thin, the color is more elegant floral top, do not worry about wearing a sense of vulgarity, but will give people the introduction of a fresh tone.

The lower body with the pants, is a micro lah version of the denim pants, so a combination together, but too show temperament, but also not lose femininity. The combination of short and long is very good to optimize the proportion of the body, thin and tall at the same time. The neck wears a pearl necklace, delicate and not lose taste.

3, floral tops + small white pants

In the spring and summer season, the dress is to be fresh and clean, is not it? This is a superb looking floral top, the base color is that light and light yellow tone, can set off the skin tone white moving, generous collar design, revealing delicate collarbone, more sexy, and thin.

This time the lower body selected pants is a small white pants, so clean and versatile color, the most suitable for the summer, coupled with a loose straight version, even if you are thick legs, you can also wear a thin effect, a pair of strappy thick heeled sandals under the feet, very nice and cool.

4, floral tops + five-point pants

This has been light and fresh small floral tops, who will not look confused? The light green tone is really too summer taste, French flap design, and bubble sleeves, these are the elements that can make you age, choose a pair of khaki five-point pants to match, this kind of pants can also be called dad pants, thigh thick body, wear it is superb, thin and at the same time can cover up the body fat.

The waist is embellished with a belt, which not only improves the waistline ratio, but also extends the leg line, which can be worn by sisters with perfect leg lines.
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