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Let the boys protection desire burst the girl JK wind, sweet and lovely, very innocent, full of girl sense

By: Abraham Apr. 24,2023
Let the boys protection desire bursting girl JK wind, sweet and lovely, very innocent, full of girl sense
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JK style is the favorite dressing style of Japanese female high school students, its unique feature is to wear a small suit or sailor suit with a pleated skirt. As it has evolved, there are now other variations of the JK style, such as tank tops and blouse tops, but most people think that the sailor suit best embodies the flavor of the JK style. It is popular among young girls because of its innocence and cuteness.

What does jk style mean
JK style can be summarized in one simple sentence: it comes from the student uniform of Japanese high school girls, and the tops are often small suits or spring and summer with sailor suits, with four main types of Sapporo lapel, Kanto lapel, Kansai lapel, and Nagoya lapel. The bottom is a pure girl's style with a pleated skirt.

JK is an abbreviation of "jyoshikoukousei", which is popular among young people in Asia and all over the world because of its sweetness, cuteness, and girlishness. jk uniform is a typical representative of this dressing style, but it has changed depending on the times.

Nowadays, JK style also changes the sailor uniform into a shirt or undershirt, but its overall style basically remains the same as the original. To understand this fashion, you can take a closer look at the school uniforms worn by Japanese high school girls when they go to school, which is the traditional and authentic JK style.

What kind of people wear jk style clothes
JK style clothes are more suitable for 18-23 year olds because they can give a youthful look, but they can also look too juvenile or well behaved. So those who have a "ladylike" style better not wear JK uniforms, so ladylike style people are not suitable to wear jk uniforms, but as long as they feel good about wearing it and they like it, then it's okay for anyone to wear it.

Why do guys like jk style
JK style clothes are very cute and well-behaved, which will make people have a feeling of wanting to protect, and many boys also like this style in Japanese manga, but ultimately it depends on the specific person, and not all boys will necessarily like this style.
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