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Men began to aging 7 signs, as long as not more than 3, it means you are still very hard

By: Abraham Apr. 23,2023
The topic of aging has always been more popular. This is not the case, these two days backstage received another fan's submission::

I am a male, and they say that women are afraid of aging, and once they see their fine lines and lines they start to panic and feel that they are starting to get older. In fact, I would like to say that men are also afraid of aging.

I'm 33 years old, I always thought I was still very young guy, usually busy with work did not pay too much attention, but recently when I looked in the mirror, I suddenly found that I began to grow wrinkles, hair also became less, which suddenly made me realize that I also began to age.

That moment, let me a little panic, also a little irritable, do not know what to do.

If a man is aging, these 7 places will show very obvious

In fact, compared to women, men are always more slow to react in the face of aging, but in fact, when men age, the body will also send a variety of signals, such as

1, hair volume becomes less

If you usually pay attention, you will find that a large proportion of middle-aged men's hair are in danger, which is mostly due to the growth of age, the male scalp hair follicles gradually reduced.

In addition to this time, men are mostly the backbone of the family, so the mental and psychological pressure is also relatively large, it is easy to lead to endocrine, blood circulation disorders, thus causing hair loss, resulting in less and less hair.

2, physical deterioration

When you are young, jumping, no feeling, but when the age gradually up, the heart muscle gradually aging, elasticity is also weakened, physical strength will be significantly less than before, especially when exercising, it is easy to appear too fast heartbeat, and last longer.

3, sexual function decline

As we age, testicular function begins to decline, and the level of androgens in the body will also gradually decline, and androgens are more important for maintaining sexual function, so when it declines, men's sexual function will also decline, resulting in decreased libido, reduced sexual pleasure, poor erectile function, etc.

4, vision deterioration

Age gradually rise, the eye organs will also follow the aging and degeneration, that vision will naturally be affected, blurred vision, dry eyes, tears become less, easy to photophobia and other situations.

5、Weakness of hearing

As we age, the eardrum will gradually thicken and the ear canal will narrow, affecting the ear's ability to discriminate between tones, especially after the age of 60.

6. Fattening of the body

Men also have a middle-aged body crisis, with age, the body metabolism slows down, the body fat tissue increases, at this time, if you can not control the mouth, sedentary, it is easy to become a middle-aged fat.

7, easy to control the temper

If the male friend's personality suddenly changed, from a gentle person to become sensitive, suspicious, impatient, restless, anxious, angry, but also beware of aging problems, especially after entering menopause these performances are particularly obvious.

When these performances, your body has begun to gradually aging, at this time do not panic, you can take some timely and correct measures to combat aging, which to some extent can also extend life.

Accelerate the aging of men a few major behaviors, you are advised to stop in time

Aging is the natural law of mankind can not resist, but some of the wrong behavior, will accelerate the speed of your aging, so that you are twice as old as your peers, if you do not want, we should pay attention to avoid.

For example, smoking and drinking, which is a major "accomplice" to promote early aging, often smoking, smoke among the harmful substances can lead to abnormal vasoconstriction, preventing the normal transport of blood to various organs of the body, so that the organs lack of oxygen, so that the skin becomes dull, lusterless; alcohol will make the whole body dehydrated, and skin dehydration can accelerate the skin aging process It makes people look old.

Often stay up late, not enough sleep, dark circles, red blood, acne, spots and spots will be easy to "find", will make you look very haggard, very laborious. Moreover, staying up late for a long time will also damage the liver and kidneys and other organs, raising the risk of chronic diseases.

Not much attention to diet, such as often eat sweets, in which the sugar molecules will be attached to protein fibers under the action of enzymes, a process known as glycosylation, is a major cause of human aging, can make the skin lose luster, wrinkles increase.

In addition, men who have been under high pressure will promote the release of free radicals in the body, which will damage the cells responsible for controlling aging, hair loss, wrinkles appear prematurely and other situations.

There is also, overindulgence is also a major cause of early aging of men, many men in the young, think they are strong, so do not control their desires, make a strong toss, but with the growth of age, or so regardless, it will lead to a variety of physical problems, aging will also be early patronage.

So, if you want to slow down the aging process, you should pay attention to avoid these improper behaviors that will accelerate aging. To slow down the aging process, in addition to congenital factors, is more dependent on the maintenance of the day, that is, self-discipline in life and the formation of good habits, try to do a good diet, drink more water, adhere to exercise, early to bed and early to rise, away from alcohol and tobacco, to maintain a good mood.
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