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Where do all the circumcised skin go? Can it still be recycled? We will reveal to you

By: anna zhannifer Apr. 23,2023
"Where did the doctor get the circumcised skin?"
I received a private message from a fan, telling a peculiar experience in his life and also asking an interesting question.

The actual fact is that you will find a lot of people who have been in the business of circumcision for a long time.

A male college student told "circumcision" experience: surgery embarrassing but not painful, only after the operation suffered

I was a left-behind child in my childhood, has been a lack of sex education, until high school to learn that they have a circumcision, but afraid of surgery, but also ashamed to tell parents, has been dragging not to deal with.

It wasn't until I was 20 years old and went to college that I learned that circumcision could lead to penile cancer, so I hurried to the hospital for a consultation. The doctor told me that circumcision could be done on an outpatient basis, and it would take 5 to 10 minutes to finish without hospitalization and I could go home immediately, so I made an appointment for the surgery.

1、Before the surgery

The doctor told me to have my blood drawn for routine and coagulation tests before the surgery, so that I could do the surgery.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.


After entering the surgery, the doctor began to "little brother" iodine volts, three shots of anesthetic, except for the first shot a little pain, the other two shots did not feel anything. But naked buttocks let others get their "ding-dong", my heart is very embarrassed. The doctors were "laughing" and joking while telling me not to be nervous. The good thing was that the doctors were very quick because they used an anastomosis clutch, and it was over in about six minutes.

3、After the surgery

After the surgery, I still needed to observe for a while, and after the anesthetic passed, my private parts started to sting with fire, which was tolerable in the hospital, but once I got home, I couldn't help but take off my pants, even my underwear, which felt like they were made of iron and hurt from the friction!

In the next few days, my wound not only hurt, but also swelled up, and I took antibiotics to prevent infection. The third day was the saddest because it was time to change the medication and the pain was severe!

On the 4th day after surgery, the pain slowly subsided, the wound area scabbed over, and only a little pain when applying iodophor ...... On the 11th day after surgery, the nails started to fall off when I took a shower, and the nails all fell off after a month.

Second, the circumcised foreskin, where have they gone?

There are two types of circumcision commonly used in clinical practice:

One is the traditional circumcision, that is, the surgery without the help of circumcision materials, the doctor directly through the scissors ring remove the patient's overgrown foreskin, and then suture the incision, this surgical method is inexpensive.

The second is the anastomosis circumcision, that is, the use of foreskin anastomosis to remove the patient's overgrown foreskin during the operation, different from the traditional method of sutures, the operation of the cutting edge of the titanium nail, so the cutting edge neat, the operation time is also short, and the titanium nail generally 2-3 weeks after the operation will fall off on its own, is more expensive.

So where does the cut off foreskin go?


Under normal circumstances, the circumcised foreskin no longer belongs to you, so it is usually discarded directly by the hospital as medical waste and disposed of by professional institutions.

2、For patients to "recycle" themselves

Although it seems outrageous, it can really be reused.

The foreskin has no subcutaneous tissue, and after separation and trimming operations, it can be made into a very thin, small and elastic skin, but because it is ugly, it can generally be used to make new skin for hidden places. Of course, some circumcised foreskin can be transformed into brand new artificial skin after complicated operations, which can be used more widely, such as skin cancer and skin ulcers in diabetic patients, hereditary skin blister diseases, etc., can be replaced with foreskin made of artificial skin.

Third, circumcision in the end is good?

There is no doubt that the problem of circumcision should be dealt with surgically, while the foreskin should be discussed in different situations, for example, simple circumcision does not necessarily require surgery, but if combined with the following conditions, surgery is recommended: 1:

1. the foreskin can be turned up, but at the same time, a clear narrow ring can be seen, and without surgery, it will cause foreskin impaction.

2. When the glans penis recurs, it is very likely to cause foreskin adhesion, secondary prepuce, chronic inflammatory thickening, etc., which requires surgery.

3. circumcision at the same time combined with benign tumors, or warts and other new organisms, can be removed together with the surgery.

For circumcision, some men will feel indifferent, but in fact, the benefits of circumcision are quite a lot, beneficial to both men and women: ?

? eliminating the source of disease, preventing genital infection and reducing the incidence of male genital cancer;

? Normal glans exposure after surgery, which promotes the growth and development of male genitalia and reduces risk factors that may lead to infertility;

? preventing the problem of premature ejaculation in men and increasing the length of male conjugal life;

? Eliminate the problem of female gynecological inflammation caused by male circumcision and prepuce.

Fourth, what do I need to pay attention to after the surgery?

Although circumcision is a minor surgery that does not require hospitalization, post-operative care is equally important, and men should pay particular attention to the following 3 points after circumcision:

1, clear your mind

The male penis was previously covered by the foreskin for a long time, the peripheral nerves will also be very sensitive, naked, it is easy to react, so after surgery should be clear mind, reduce sexual fantasies and sexual impulses, avoid excessive friction.

2、Keep clean

After surgery, especially pay attention to the hygiene of the surgical site, it is best to wear clean and loose underwear, pay attention to hygiene after the stool, do not contaminate the gauze, you can prepare your own iodine volts or disinfectant cotton balls, after urination to scrub around the urethra.

3, do not stand and sit for a long time

The man can walk moderately after circumcision, but should not stand or sit for a long time, otherwise it is easy to affect the local blood flow, resulting in abnormal enlargement of the affected area, and then affect the wound healing.

If a man finds himself circumcised or circumcised in life, he should seek medical examination as soon as possible, and if necessary, undergo surgery with the help of a doctor, and after the operation, clear his mind and pay attention not to sit and stand for a long time, and do a good job of personal hygiene.
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