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Men if the body has 3 kinds of abnormalities, is to suggest that you, perhaps androgen low

By: Beatrice Apr. 23,2023
Recently, Xiao Lin and his roommate started a debate on whether the amount of leg hair represents the high or low level of androgens. Xiao Lin had very little body hair since he was a child, and this was also the case after his development. All his friends around him had a lot of leg hair after their development period, so he thought it was his natural physique and didn't take it too seriously.

But this time his housemate told him that it was likely caused by too little androgen secretion in his body, and urged him to hurry to the hospital to check it out. The flirtatious tone and look of the roommate's speech made Xiaolin very uncomfortable, and he got into an argument with him right away.

Although Xiao Lin's body did not appear any discomfort, but was said by his roommate, he was also a little unsure of the idea. So send a private letter to ask the editor, leg hair is really androgen secretion less due to?

The 3 signs of a man's body, androgen to be replenished

In fact, not all men with low leg hair are caused by too little androgen secretion, androgen is only one of the factors affecting the amount of body hair will be less compared to men who secrete more androgen.

In addition to this factor, genetic factors and racial differences can also affect the amount of body hair, so you cannot arbitrarily assume that less leg hair is caused by less androgen secretion.

For men, when there is less androgen secretion in the body, the body will show these performances.

The amount of muscle: androgens can promote protein synthesis and inhibit protein decomposition, some men with low androgen secretion, want to build muscle will be much more difficult, the whole person will look a lot weaker than men with high androgen secretion.

The number of beards and androgen secretion have a great relationship, generally androgen secretion less male beard growth will be less, even a few days do not need to shave a beard. The androgen secretion of the male, daily beard growth will be very vigorous, every day need to shave.

The actual androgenic hormone secretion is very much related to the strength of male libido, and in general the androgenic hormone secretion will be more vigorous for men with strong libido. On the contrary, androgen secretion less male, for the same room will show the lack of interest.

Once men find out that they have low androgen secretion, they can supplement it by means of diet, and these foods can be eaten appropriately.

How to restore stability through dietary supplementation when male androgen is low?

1、Animal offal

It is rich in cholesterol and adrenaline and sex hormones, which can promote the synthesis of sex hormones and increase male androgen secretion after entering the body.

2、Foods containing zinc

Foods with high zinc content include oysters, beef, milk and soy products, etc. Adequate intake of zinc can promote the normalization of male reproductive system function, which is of great benefit to health.

3、Foods with high calcium content

Including milk, eggs, sesame paste, etc., the real and food into the body can help the male endocrine function to maintain stability, can be a certain degree to promote androgen secretion.

4, food rich in vitamins

These foods are rich in vitamins that can help delay aging and prevent functional decline, which is good for men's health.

For men with low androgen secretion, in addition to eating more of the above-mentioned foods, they also need to do these things on a daily basis.

First of all, to ensure that there is enough exercise, exercise can promote the body's metabolism speed up, can also stimulate the testes to generate androgen, improve the secretion of the phenomenon of insufficient, it is recommended that men more to exercise the lower limb strength.

Exercise must be gradual and persistent, at least five times a week to maintain exercise, each exercise time of not less than 30 minutes.

Secondly, to maintain 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. Adequate sleep allows the male body's endocrine system, the function of the organs are maintained in good condition, helping to promote androgen secretion.

Third, men also need to maintain emotional stability in their daily lives. Long-term irritability, tension, and excessive stress will lead to endocrine system disorders, and the secretion of androgens is prone to abnormal reductions.

Finally, some men who are unable to improve their low androgen secretion through life conditioning are advised to seek medical help from a professional hospital in a timely manner, and if necessary, supplemental treatment through medication, provided that they are guided by a professional doctor.

Androgens are very important to every male, so men must observe their bodies more often in life and seek medical attention when abnormalities occur.
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