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Vitamin B2, can you take long-term? Doctor: just do not exceed this dose

By: Abraham Mar. 03,2023
Four data surveys since 1982 to the present show that four nutrients have been deficient for almost 30 years, namely vitamin A, vitamin B2, calcium, and dietary fiber. Today we will mainly discuss things related to vitamin B2.

A few dollars a bottle of vitamin B2, which diseases can be cured?

Vitamin B2 is very common, and the price of a bottle is not more than 7 dollars at most. It belongs to one of the essential water-soluble vitamins and is also known as riboflavin. Because it is closely related to the body's energy metabolism, it can cause a variety of diseases if deficient.

Vitamin B2 is related to the function of the body's antioxidant defense system, and a deficiency in vitamin B2 can lead to a decrease in the activity of antioxidants in red blood cells.

It is involved in redox reactions and energy production in the body in the form of coenzymes and is closely related to the body's antioxidant defense system, playing an important role in the metabolism of amino acids, fatty acids and carbohydrates.

It is also involved in the metabolism of vitamin B6, niacin and some drugs, and is related to the absorption and storage of iron in the body, playing an important role in promoting growth and development and maintaining good health.

Vitamin B2 can be used to treat keratitis, seborrheic dermatitis, tongue inflammation, corneal congestion, and blurred vision. As the dietary structure of the general public has changed, most importantly, people are eating more and more refined foods, thus resulting in the intake of vitamin B2 not meeting the recommended standard.

What are the symptoms of vitamin B2 deficiency in the body?

Once the intake of vitamin B2 is insufficient, a series of lesions will appear.

1. Eye

Lesions in the eye area are photophobia, tearing, visual fatigue, corneal congestion and vascular growth, and reduced dark adaptability.

2. Oral cavity

In the oral cavity, there will be tongue pain, purple-red color, fissures, atrophy of the tongue papillae, map tongue, corneal inflammation, lip inflammation, lip edema, fissures and pigmentation, wet and white corners of the mouth, cracks, pain and ulcers.

3. Skin

There are also symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis that develop in the nasolabial folds, jaw, cheeks, between the eyebrows, and in body folds, such as behind the ears, underarms, and groin.

There are also symptoms of tenderness and weakness, scrotal inflammation in men, and labyrinthitis and vulvar itching in women.

Children are more prone to vitamin B2 deficiency due to their rapid growth and metabolism, and if not taken care of, they may suffer from symptoms such as dry and cracked lips or rotten corners of the mouth.

Vitamin B2 deficiency in the adult group can cause mucosal lesions, resulting in dysmetabolism of mucosal cells. Patients experience thinning of the mucous membrane, damage to the mucosal layer, and rupture of microvessels. Especially for women, if vitamin B2 deficiency is severe, it can lead to dryness, congestion and ulceration of the vaginal wall, which directly affects the sexual desire.

For older age groups, the deficiency of intake, the body's defense system of antioxidant function will be weakened, further increasing the risk of hyperhomocysteinemia.

In daily life, people with overly refined diets and long-term consumption of fine rice and noodles can lead to vitamin B2 deficiency. In addition, groups with unreasonable diet structure and partial drinking and eating can also lead to insufficient intake.

Furthermore, since vitamin B2 is less biologically stable, intolerant of high temperature and its activity will be destroyed in alkaline environment, groups with unreasonable cooking methods, such as excessive washing of rice or cooking at too high a temperature for too long, will lead to the loss of vitamin B2 originally present in food and further lead to insufficient intake.

Can vitamin B2 be taken for a long time?

Vitamin B2 is a water-soluble vitamin, which is easily digested and absorbed, and also easily metabolized, and a reasonable daily dose will not cause major side effects. However, it should be noted that if vitamin B2 is taken in excessive amounts for a long period of time, it may increase the risk of kidney function damage.

In terms of intake dose, vitamin B2 will not be stored in the body, and the part beyond the dose will be metabolized out through urine at any time, so it can be taken according to the regular dose, and the recommended daily intake for adult men is 1.3mg, and for women is 1.1mg.

In addition, vitamin B2 is not well absorbed on an empty stomach, so it is recommended to take it with meals and immediately after meals to improve the efficiency of absorption.

It should also be noted that vitamin B2 is not suitable to be taken together with metoclopramide. For groups with excessive mental stress, it can be taken together with vitamin B6 and vitamin C for better results.

Although vitamin B2 has no major side effects, if symptoms such as itching, tingling and burning of the skin occur during the course of taking the drug, it needs to be discontinued. Furthermore, vitamin B2 is metabolized through urine, and the urine will appear yellow during the course of taking the medicine, which is a normal situation and there is no need to worry.

How to supplement vitamin B2 through diet?

In addition to medication supplementation, vitamin B2 is contained in the daily diet, such as animal offal, egg yolk, dairy products, fresh vegetables, beans, brown rice and brown noodles.

So if you are not overly deficient, paying attention to the adjustment of your daily diet structure, eating more fresh vegetables and eating more coarse grains appropriately will help to supplement vitamin B2.

In addition, it should be noted that vitamin B2 is afraid of light, water, alkali and high temperature, so daily cooking should be done in a way that does not lose its activity as much as possible.

A proper diet structure will help to supplement vitamin B2. In case of some deficiency symptoms, it can be treated and relieved by proper supplementation of medication.
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