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4 kinds of shampoo caution to buy, or have health risks, how to choose shampoo is good

By: Abraham Mar. 03,2023

Hair on a person's face is also a great influence, especially the smooth black shiny hair, but also to make you look young, usually in addition to choose a suitable shampoo, but also with a conditioner or hair oil together, note that it is best not to use a shampoo for a long time, the best alternate use Oh.
Do you have the impression that when you go to the barber store to wash your hair, the barber always wears gloves to wash everyone's hair.

But, have you ever thought about why to do so? It may be for clean and hygienic considerations, or to avoid frequent hair washing injury to the hands, but it may be that the shampoo is fishy, they are afraid to use.

The reporter of "Bazhong Evening News" had an unannounced visit to the barber stores on the market and found that the shampoo situation in the barber stores is not optimistic: ①.

①, cheap, production information is unknown

The price is cheap, usually a large bottle of 10 pounds, but the price is only 48 yuan, although the instructions on the bottle is a lot of English and Japanese, looks very foreign, but most of them are not marked production date, shelf life, origin and other important production information.

②, fake and shoddy, impostor filling

Buy cheap shampoo from wholesalers and then fill it into the shampoo bottles of famous brands to make it second best.

So Ai suggests that if you go to the hairdresser to cut your hair, you can also bring your own shampoo. Usually buy shampoo, but also try to avoid some bad ingredients, today to introduce you to the shampoo in the "doorway".

A, these ingredients of shampoo as little as possible, some may also have potential cancer risks

1, sodium dodecyl ether sulfate (SLES), sodium dodecyl sulfate (SLS)

Belonging to the sulfuric acid system formula ingredients, production costs are relatively low, so commonly used in cheap shampoos, although this type of shampoo cleaning and decontamination power, but also easy to scalp hair beneficial oils and washed away.

2, fatty acid sodium salt, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)

Belonging to the lithophane-based formula ingredients, shampoos with such ingredients generally have a relatively strong decontamination and cleaning power, and good biodegradability, more environmentally friendly. But because it is alkaline, so it is easy to let the hair scalp dry, and too strong decontamination power will also let the beneficial oil washed away.

3、Bromonitol, imidazolidinyl urea compounds

Shampoo may add preservatives, mainly bromonitol, imidazolidinyl urea compounds, such preservatives will release a certain amount of formaldehyde.

4, phthalates, parabens

Some shampoos may contain phthalates and parabens, which are potentially estrogenic and controversial, and may cause endocrine disruption and lead to early puberty or developmental defects in girls, as well as increase the risk of breast cancer in adult women.

The Beijing CDC's sampling of cosmetics on the market, the published "Survey on the detection of phthalates in cosmetics" pointed out that: 20 pieces of washing and hair care cosmetics were detected at a rate of 30%, and phthalates were detected in 12 perfume samples, with a detection rate of 92.3%.

Second, how to choose a bottle of shampoo suitable for you?

Who does not want to have a dark and flowing hair? I think many people will work on the choice of shampoo, so how can you pick the right shampoo for you?

1, "big oily head"

Large oily head of hair is usually more fine and soft, there is also the problem of high oil secretion, so the hair is particularly prone to oil, a day without washing hair will be greasy and collapse, it is recommended to choose a shampoo containing menthol, salicylic acid, ketoconazole, selenium disulfide and zinc pyrithione and other ingredients.

2、Dry hair

Dry hair and hard texture, easy to knot and split ends, in the sunlight hair quality is also dull, this belongs to dry hair, more recommended to use shampoo containing betaine surfactant, amino acids and other ingredients, but also with the composition of camellia oil, coconut oil and other hair care oil.

3、Neutral hair

Neutral hair has a certain degree of elasticity and gloss, the scalp is not dry and not easy to oil, so the choice of shampoo is relatively wide, generally weak acidic and does not stimulate the scalp shampoo can be.

4、Dandruff more

If the hair has more dandruff, it is generally recommended to choose a shampoo containing ketoconazole, selenium sulfide, pyrrolizone ethanolamine salt, pyrithione zinc and other ingredients, these ingredients can inhibit Malassezia and help anti-dandruff antibacterial.

Of course, the choice of shampoo, if there are conditions, it is best not to use the same shampoo for a long time, because each shampoo in the softening ingredients, surfactants and other different, if you can alternate with the use of the hair can meet the needs of care and thorough cleaning.

Third, the shampoo that boasts these effects, do not believe it

Currently on the market shampoo types vary, especially some shampoos also play the "hair growth" "color black" and other effects, in the end can not be trusted?

1, hair growth

Shampoo as a daily toiletries, and not medical products, and therefore in advertising, is not to promote its medical effects, such as hair growth, which is actually illegal.

Zhang Yan, director of the Department of Dermatology from the Second Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sichuan Province, explained: the number of hair follicles in the scalp of each person has been decided at birth, and later the follicles will not be added, the current market shampoo, the number of hair follicles and hair will not have a special improvement, so "hair growth" shampoo is not reliable.

2、Dye black

"A wash on black" black hair shampoo is reliable? Dr. Chen Xixue, director of the Department of Dermatology and Venereology at Peking University Hospital, said that the market said that the shampoo can be dyed black white hair actually contains p-phenylenediamine, a component in the hair dye, but is the use of time and dyeing time is shorter, hair dye allergy to people who use this type of shampoo will be allergic, and white hair can not be washed black.

Currently there is no exact treatment plan for gray hair, let alone a special drug specifically for gray hair, not to mention shampoo?

Four, wash your hair, in fact, there is also a delicate

The hair seems to be a small thing from time to time, but in fact also hidden learning, only to master the method of washing hair, in order to make the hair grow better.

1, first comb and then wash your hair

Before washing your hair, you can choose a round-headed and wide tooth comb to comb your hair, and then rinse with water, in addition to reducing the amount of shampoo, but also to avoid too much stimulation of the scalp.

2, shampoo first to make foam better

Many people are used to directly apply shampoo to the hair, but the unsaponified shampoo will stimulate the scalp, and even cause serious hair loss problems, so it is recommended that the shampoo first in the hand line, to be lathered and then applied to the hair.

3, after washing first wipe and then blow

After washing your hair, you should wrap your hair with a soft post-towel and use the pressed towel to absorb excess water from your hair so that the hair scales can be closed, thus protecting your hair from damage.

4, control the frequency of hair washing

The frequency of hair washing varies from person to person, as long as the hair is not Mandarin greasy, but not too dry can be, generally at least 1 to 2 times a week, 5 to 7 minutes each time.

Hair on a person's face is also a great influence, especially the smooth black shiny hair, but also to make you look young, usually in addition to choose a suitable shampoo, you can also use with conditioner or hair oil together, of course, must buy quality guaranteed qualified products.
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