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Is it true that men have stronger desires than women? Which age is the most demanding?

By: Beatrice Mar. 03,2023

Generally speaking, sexual demand decreases as we age. According to the lifetime libido curve of both sexes, men reach the peak of their sexual desire around the age of 20-30, when they are very energetic.
Men are often labeled as "lower body thinking", in most cases, men do seem to be passionate, as if they always have a "tireless pursuit of sex", giving the impression that no matter what time of day, can be high.

In fact, men in different age "desire" strong is not the same.

Men in what age "demand" most vigorous?

Generally speaking, as we get older, sexual demand will continue to decline. According to the lifelong libido curve of both sexes, men around 20-30 years old, energetic, to reach the peak of desire.

After the age of 30, with the decline of physical strength and organ function, as well as the increase of work and life stress, men's sexual desire will gradually go downhill. 40 years old, some men will also develop sexual dysfunction, sexual demand will be further reduced.

The topic of "sex", whether young, middle-aged or old, can not be avoided. Especially for men with high self-esteem, the desire and the strength of sexual ability, not only a symbol of dignity, or an important link to maintain the harmonious life of the couple.

Harmonious sex life, but also to promote sleep, relieve stress, improve the immunity of the body and so on. However, different men's desire is not the same, some desire is stronger, but some are not interested in sex, this is why?

It turns out that men's desires are influenced by these 3 factors

1, age growth

With the growth of age, the body function will continue to decline. Men's body androgen hormones continue to reduce, the skin response is sluggish, and blood circulation to the sexual organs also become worse.

In addition, people in middle age, work, family, life pressure is increasing, will consume a lot of time and energy, resulting in a decline in desire.

2, endocrine disorders

Drinking, smoking, staying up late, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and other bad habits can easily cause endocrine disorders. Endocrine disorders, the body's hormone levels will be out of balance, leading to poor skin, obesity, grumpiness, frequent fatigue, etc..

Endocrine disorders in men are related to the decline in androgen levels, mainly manifested as decreased libido, reduced sexual activity, decreased erectile hardness, etc., which adversely affects normal sexual life.

3, poor nutrition

Physical health is the material basis of sexual life, with the accelerated pace of life, some men may appear malnutrition. Research shows that the lack of protein, zinc and other important trace elements in the body, may cause sexual function decreases, the impact on men is particularly obvious.

Therefore, when men suffer from malnutrition, the normal level of sexual function also decreases, which eventually leads to a lack of desire.

In addition, men's sexual desire is also affected by disease, medications, living conditions, seasons and temperatures.

Is it true that men have a stronger desire than women?

Generally speaking, men have a stronger need for sex than women. Androgen secretion is one of the important factors affecting sexual desire. Also at the age of 20-30, men's sexual desire will be stronger than women's and reach its peak because the amount of androgen secretion in their bodies is much higher than that of women.

And psychologically speaking, men are more enthusiastic about sex, women due to the influence of social environment and traditional concepts, the desire to implement sexual behavior is not as strong as men.

With age, men in their 40s, the body's androgen levels continue to decline. At this time, the androgen level in a woman's body can only be basically equal to that of a man, plus women's libido and sexuality are mainly related to the ovulation cycle, so women's sexual desire will reach its peak at around 35-40 years old.

The next step is to get a new one.

The actual fact is, although the overall view of men's libido is stronger than women's, but men will also appear to be "sexually frigid" trouble. The man's sexual indifference, not only in the middle and old age, but also may appear in the sexual desire of youth.

The so-called sexual indifference, is the persistence of sexual interest and sexual activity is reduced, or even the loss of sexual desire, sexual preferences and sexual fantasies. In addition to the "bed" can not, the man sexually indifferent will also appear a series of secondary symptoms, such as emotional problems and physical discomfort symptoms.

The actual person, how can be sexually indifferent? Usually, there are three main reasons for men to be sexually frigid.

Life experienced a large change or suffered a major blow, causing a large trauma, resulting in long-term emotional depression, depression, resulting in depression, can not be interested in sex, or even resist sex.

In addition, long-term tension between husband and wife, the discovery of infidelity of the partner, long-term lack of love from the partner, etc., may also lead to men's sexual indifference.

In addition, diseases and drugs also tend to cause men sexually indifferent. For example, long-term use of anti-cancer drugs, long-term use may cause a series of side effects, resulting in reduced sexual function, or even cause impotence. If the prostate enlargement, chronic prostatitis and other diseases are not cured for a long time, it will also increase the risk of sexual apathy.

The actual "sex", some people are always secretive about it. The actual fact is, everyone has normal physiological needs, and we need to look at sexual life with a rational eye.

There are many health benefits to having a proper sex life. But at the same time, we must also pay attention to the moderation of sexual life, while developing good habits, and actively enhance physical fitness, in order to enjoy a good sex life!
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