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What kind of tea is suitable for boiling around the stove?

By: Beatrice Jan. 04,2023

Not all teas are suitable for boiling. Some teas, when boiled at too high a temperature and for too long, will destroy the active substances in them and also lose their good taste.

Boiling tea, compared to steeping tea, can make the tea leaves contain more substances precipitation, tea more fragrant, tea soup more mellow. Therefore, it is necessary to boil the tea that is rich in substance contents. The tea leaves that can no longer be brewed to produce a good taste can still be boiled in a pot to achieve a good taste.

Boiling tea around the stove
So, which teas are suitable for boiling and drinking?

I. Black tea

The most suitable for boiling is black tea. Unlike raw tea which is fermented in a natural way, black tea is fermented in an artificial way, which makes the tea more mild, and the tea soup cooked out is richer in aroma, darker in color, more mellow in taste and more full of tea.

In winter, it is also effective in nourishing and protecting the stomach, expelling cold and dampness. Such as Anhua black tea, old six fortress tea, Ya'an Tibetan tea, Fu brick.

Liubao tea
Two, ripe pu

Pu-erh ripe tea is also very suitable for boiling. This kind of old tea generally has thicker and older leaves, higher stalk content and rich pectin, so boiling can produce a mellow taste.

Ripe Pu
Old white tea

Like Pu'er, the longer the storage year, the better the tea flavor transformation. Although the transformation is slow, it will be followed by dark color, thick soup and mellow taste. Some old white tea will also present dumpling leaf fragrance, date fragrance, medicinal fragrance and so on.

The effect is also excellent, there are "one year tea, three years medicine, seven years treasure" said. Such as old Shou Mei, old Gong Mei.

Old white tea
Four, black tea

Black tea can be boiled with milk and fruits to make milk tea and fruit tea.

The black tea with intact cords should not be boiled, but should be steeped, because boiled tea is easy to be bitter. It is a mild tea with a sweet taste, which is perfect for women.

Black crushed tea
V. Heavily fermented oolong tea

Oolong tea must be aged every other year, well preserved, traditional craft charcoal-roasted fire oolong tea, the taste is thick and fragrant forever, boil and drink the soup red, dumpling fragrance, woody bush flavor, mountain rhyme rich and heavy. Such as old iron Guanyin, aged rock tea.

Aged Iron Goddess of Mercy
Boiling tea should be patient, boiling on high fire, slow cooking on civil fire, in the process of water gradually warming up, the tea leaf's inner substances are extracted little by little at different temperatures, and the thin water is cooked into a mellow soup, which is the process of meditation and cultivation of the tea cook.

"Tea as wine on a cold night, the bamboo stove soup boiling fire first red." Open a charcoal fire, invite three or five friends, tea, warm stove, snacks, talk and laugh. This is probably a tea lover every cold winter are thinking about it!

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