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Take you through the eight health benefits of pu-erh tea

By: Abraham Dec. 27,2022

The efficacy of pu-erh tea is not clear to many people, and the drinking method of pu-erh tea is half-understood, only know that pu-erh tea can lose weight, the following we will introduce the eight health care effects of pu-erh tea.

1, lipid-lowering, weight loss, hypotension, anti-atherosclerosis.

Pu-erh tea has a good effect on reducing the lipid-like chemical content and cholesterol content.     Drinking Pu-erh tea can cause physiological effects such as vasodilation, blood pressure drop, heart rate slowdown and cerebral blood flow reduction, so it has good therapeutic effects on patients with hypertension and cerebral arteriosclerosis.

2、Cancer prevention and anti-cancer

The incidence of cancer in tea drinking population is low. And Pu-erh tea contains many kinds of rich anti-cancer trace elements, and Pu-erh tea has a strong effect of killing cancer cells.

3、Dental health and protection

Pu-erh tea contains many physiologically active ingredients, which have the effect of sterilization and disinfection, so it can remove oral odor and protect teeth.

4、Stomach protection and nourishment

Under the appropriate concentration, the consumption of calm Pu-erh tea does not stimulate the stomach and intestines. The mucous, sweet and smooth, mellow Pu-erh tea enters the human intestines and stomach to form a film that adheres to the surface layer of the stomach, which produces a beneficial protective layer for the stomach, and can play a role in protecting and nourishing the stomach after long-term consumption of Pu-erh tea. This is the main reason why consumers at home and abroad advocate drinking pu-erh tea as "beauty tea" and "life benefit tea".


The catechins in tea have anti-aging effects, and the total amount of catechins contained in Yunnan big-leaf tea is higher than other tea varieties, so the anti-aging effect is better than other teas. Meanwhile, during the processing of Pu'er tea, large polysaccharides are transformed into a large number of new soluble monosaccharides and oligosaccharides, and vitamin C increases exponentially, which play an important role in improving the function of the human immune system and play a role in nourishing the body and prolonging life.

6、Radiation prevention

Drinking 2% Pu-erh tea can lift the damage caused by radiation with cobalt 60.

7、Wake up

The "Materia Medica Gleanings" contains: "Pu tea is the best cure for oil masking the heart bag, scraping the intestines and waking up from alcohol first." Tea in the tea polyphenols can promote ethanol metabolism, the liver has a protective effect. So that ethanol metabolism can be carried out normally and smoothly. Drinking tea can increase the vasoconstriction function. Theophylline has a diuretic effect, which can promote the rapid discharge of alcohol out of the body, reducing the harm of drunkenness. Drinking tea can also replenish the vitamin C needed for the hydrolysis of alcohol and excite the brain center anesthetized by alcohol. Thus, it has an antidotal effect. And with tea to relieve alcohol, absolutely no harm to the spleen and stomach, will not make the drunk vomit a lot, the pain of regurgitation.


Pu-erh tea can regulate metabolism, promote blood circulation, regulate the human body, natural balance of internal functions, and therefore has a beauty effect, known as "beauty tea".
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