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Why are men prone to kidney deficiency? These 3 reasons may be the main reason

By: Abraham Dec. 30,2022

When it comes to what men are most afraid of hearing, "kidney deficiency" is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

The 20-year-old Zhang has also been anxious about "kidney deficiency" lately.

As usual, every drinking game, Zhang at the table a glass of wine, but this time he was mocked by his friends, lost face.

"Dude, you've been eating for less than an hour, the toilet has gone 4 times."

"Brother Zhang you are not "kidney deficiency", right, hahahahaha."

Zhang was made fun of by his brothers, laughing, but he felt like he had the urge to pee again and wanted to get up again to go to the bathroom. Men go to the toilet frequently, often made fun of for kidney deficiency, but this kind of thing is actually not uncommon at the dinner table.

In life, we often hear the phrase "ten men nine deficiencies", a reporter from the Life Times has done a survey found that: 14 out of 20 men suspected that their kidney deficiency. The reason is that they have frequent urination, weakness of the waist, knees and legs, sweating, fear of cold and other performance.

Does frequent urination mean "kidney deficiency"? What exactly does "kidney deficiency" in Chinese medicine mean?

A. The "kidney" in Chinese and Western medicine is not the same thing, 3 major causes of kidney deficiency

For Western medicine, "kidney" refers to an organ whose main function is to remove toxins, waste and excess water from the body.

The "kidney" in Chinese medicine is not a specific organ, but a function related to human growth and development, water metabolism, which includes endocrine, urinary, immune, respiratory, skeletal, digestive and other aspects of modern medicine.

So what are the causes of kidney deficiency?

According to Professor Li Haisong, Director of the Department of Male Medicine at Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, kidney deficiency is generally associated with three major causes.

Congenital kidney deficiency: that is, hereditary kidney deficiency, it is possible that the parents genetic inheritance, there may be slow development, low IQ, etc.

Physiological kidney deficiency: along with the growth of age, physical quality will begin to slowly decline, the older you are, the degree of kidney deficiency will follow, which is the case of kidney deficiency is a natural phenomenon.

Acquired kidney deficiency: generally divided into 3 kinds, one is the acquired loss of nourishment, acquired without attention to maintenance, resulting in the emergence of kidney deficiency; second is a bad lifestyle, for example, long-term late night, excessive fatigue, stress, mood anxiety, etc., may lead to the emergence of kidney deficiency; third is due to drugs, the environment and other damage to kidney function, causing kidney deficiency.

Second, the correct understanding of the type of kidney deficiency is important

Chinese medicine classifies kidney deficiency into kidney essence deficiency, kidney qi deficiency and kidney yin deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, and the symptoms corresponding to each deficiency are different.

Kidney yin deficiency: refers to the deficiency of yin fluid and is accompanied by yin deficiency and fire, men will show a high sexual desire that does not last for a long time. It may be accompanied by, body thinness, night sweats, irritability and other symptoms, commonly found in the young population.

Kidney Yang deficiency: refers to the decline of the body's reproductive function, men will show sexual indifference, impotence and premature ejaculation. It may be accompanied by symptoms such as soreness in the lower back and fear of cold in the lower limbs, and is common in the elderly.

Kidney qi deficiency: refers to the lack of yang energy in the body to drive operation, male sexual function decreases, may be accompanied by weakness, waist and knee soreness, mental depression.

Kidney essence deficiency: refers to the lack of essence, common in young children, adolescents, may appear malnutrition, slow development and other problems, this is also known as congenital essence deficiency; acquired deficiency is mainly in the elderly population, many elderly people may suffer from hypertension, diabetes and other diseases, resulting in long-term loss of body, causing kidney deficiency.

It is worth reminding that the kidney deficiency referred to by Chinese medicine is a syndrome of the overall concept, which includes on many symptoms, but does not just mean that the body has some of these symptoms is equal to kidney deficiency, and a more comprehensive examination is needed to confirm the diagnosis. Therefore, we should not make our own judgments and take supplements at will, and it is the right thing to do to seek medical attention when symptoms appear.

Third, the kidney deficiency conditioning has to be careful, the right disease is the key

The kidneys store essence, and the essence of human growth, development and reproduction, it can be said that the kidney is the most important health care.

1. Kidney supplementation first identify the evidence

Before replenishing the kidney, the first thing to do is to clarify the type of kidney deficiency before dialectical administration of drugs, blindly replenish the kidney yin and kidney Yang, it is likely that the more deficiency.

2. Avoid imbalance of yin and yang

Kidney deficiency is divided into yin and yang, healthy human body yin and yang balance, kidney supplementation is also the same, so the dialectical evidence before kidney supplementation, can help yin and yang regulation, not biased.

3. Pay attention to lifestyle

Kidney also need to maintain a good state of mind, regulate mental health, learn to eliminate and release stress; ensure regular and adequate sleep; maintain moderate physical exercise.

4. dietary regimen

People with mild kidney deficiency can be nourished and slowed down with the help of food, such as Yang deficiency, beef, mutton and other foods; Yin deficiency, yam, silver fungus and other yin nourishing foods can be consumed in moderation, but it should be clear that patients with Yin deficiency cannot be cured by food therapy, but also need to seek medical attention in a timely manner.

However, if you blindly use prescriptions, medicinal wine, etc., it may cause the opposite effect of "adding oil to the fire".

Fourth, the extension: can women also appear kidney deficiency?

Kidney deficiency is generally linked to men, but in fact, in women, kidney deficiency is not uncommon, but most choose to ignore it because they do not understand the symptoms.

Sun Aijun, chief physician of obstetrics and gynecology of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, introduced that women with kidney deficiency often have the following symptoms, which need to be adjusted in time to avoid the impact on the body.

1, fever in the hands and feet: mostly related to kidney yin deficiency, easy to fever at noon and night, soreness in the waist, accompanied by memory loss, insomnia and dreaminess.

2、Unable to hold urine: related to kidney qi instability, easy to go to the toilet frequently, longer menstruation time and dripping.

3. Chest tightness and shortness of breath: It is manifested by coughing at the slightest activity, upper and lower breath, and feeling suffocated in the chest. It is mainly related to the kidney's inability to hide in the essence.

4, delayed menstruation: mainly for less conjugal life, fertility decline, often accompanied by delayed menstruation, low volume, etc., these are the manifestations of kidney Yang deficiency.

Daily want to fix the kidney in addition to dietary supplements, exercise, Chinese medicine conditioning and other ways, you can also try to press more acupuncture points and waist massage. According to Chinese medicine, the Taixi point, located on the inside of the foot, between the back of the inner ankle and the tendon of the heel bone, is good for improving kidney function, so you can press it more often.
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