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3 classic models of tweed coats to meet your needs of different temperament types

By: jianier Dec. 01,2022
As a must-have item in autumn and winter, the coat is not only warm, but also really good to wear. No matter what kind of temperament you are, wearing a coat will look especially temperamental and advanced, so to speak, and fashionable and competent, but also can modify our body.

Every year, there are various fashion shows of coats on the runway, which are very informative compared to other single products.

But now there are many varieties of coats, such as leather coats, lambswool coats, teddy coats, fur coats, today Boom Boom does not say these improved versions, let's talk about the classic tweed coats, summarized three must-buy models.

Enough to meet the needs of a variety of different temperament types of pozi.

Don't hear the silhouette feel is greatly big, today to give you the recommended silhouette is large and not bloated. Girls with wide shoulders or who feel that their bodies are not perfect can try it and avoid the shortcomings.

The wide shoulders of the girls can choose this shoulder line more low hanging contour version of the coat, but will not look tiger back waist, is also the favorite of the fashionable elite. The inside of a thick sweater or suit, there is a little broad fall but better to wear.

The design of no shoulder line can avoid your body disadvantage, so that the original style of a single big lapel more than a little unrestrained, take a pair of high-heeled boots will also make the temperament a lot more challenging.

The overall feeling of a hint of loose fat, shoulder line down will make the upper body does not look very solid, but the overall coat seems to have a sense of drape and not bloated, looks a lot more handsome, take sneakers especially stylish.

The same contour, there is this chest below the contour version, the shoulder line design is normal, but down to look big one, a little "O" type feeling, suitable for the upper half of the body a little rounded girls.

Petite girls should pay attention to avoid, shoulder pads models pressure height, will be your natural enemy. The shoulder pads are particularly strong, and tall girls who like street fashion can try them.

The towering shoulder pad must be coupled with ankle-length length, the inner wear can be simple and casual, even so there will be a sense of the gas field straight ahead, warmth is also high, there is nothing to fear in winter.

If you do not like the feeling of fast dragging the ground, change a pair of high heels is another style.

In addition to the shoulders are higher, the overall slightly waist, inside a full set of denim shirt and jeans, classic retro. The whole person looks excellent quality, whether commuting or off duty wear, very fashionable and very suitable.

If you are afraid to press the height, the length can be only to the calf belly, and then add a pair of high heels on the line, for girls who like to show the waistline is a good choice.

The above sets of padded shoulders and long and high more square, like to collect a little can choose the suit model of the coat, padded shoulders relatively rounded, but the gas field remains the same.

The pure OL elite big woman line, the inner wear can be the same color system suit, after all, there are padded shoulders do not need too much decoration.

It can also be nine-quarter pants + boots, people look tall and competent, there will not be any sense of pomp and circumstance, is fashionable.

It is also very fashionable to take sweaters and sweatpants, and the ones that should be covered are covered, and the temperament is immediately elevated.

The classic model is like a tailor-made, shoulder line, waist line, hem are just right, but can modify your body. Even if you are a petite girl, you won't press your height.

The dark color of the closet must have one, inside with jeans and knitwear or shorts and boots are very suitable. The whole person looks instantly "serious" up, commuting foot must.

Very good and very temperamental feeling, the body looks straight and sharp, just graduated from college is very suitable into.

Our traditional hang-ups are "white is not dirty", get out of fixed thinking. You are suitable for white buy, very good match and do not need to think hard, is simple and board shoes together are very fashionable.

Slightly small slim, length to the knee, petite girls can have, the effect on the body full, just to go to a class, reflecting the professional temperament on the line.

If you are particularly tall and thin, you can choose this longer and especially waist style, open wear is also very dashing, very sharp and stylish handsome woman.
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