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5 lazy weight loss method, adhere to do, slowly will reap the magic effect

By: jcek Dec. 01,2022

Everyone has to find the right weight loss method for themselves, you can combine their own personality, work and rest, daily diet and other aspects to choose the right one for themselves, some people are lazy and like to eat, then you can use external substances to lose weight. Recommended several lazy weight loss methods, may be suitable for you Oh

First: breakfast must be eaten, but also eat full

Weight loss to control the intake of calories, breakfast, if you eat only a small bowl of porridge and then add an egg, calories only a hundred kcal. Often noon is not to eat time hungry, it is easy to be tempted, resulting in the noon will unknowingly eat a little more. But if you have eaten enough in the morning, you will not want to eat this or that at lunchtime because you are hungry, you will choose and control your intake sensibly, and effectively control the calorie intake. This will feel that the day's intake are in their control, a sense of control, so will be more confident in themselves, more confident to arrange the next exercise.

Second: yogurt instead of milk method

First of all, there is a misconception that milk will be more low-fat than yogurt, but in fact, some yogurt is better than milk in terms of nutrition and weight loss benefits. Because drinking yogurt directly on an empty stomach can lead to high stomach acidity, it is not recommended to drink yogurt on an empty stomach. But it is best to drink low-sugar or unsweetened yogurt.

The third: sleep for seven and a half hours

To say that the lazy cancer people's favorite exercise, that must have sleep, some people say how sleep can be exercise, because you are asleep, the brain will secrete a hormone that suggests overfull, you will not feel hungry. And in the body sleep deprivation, leptin levels are reduced, the body will give you feedback on hunger, so you can not control your appetite, hungry to eat more fat.

Fourth: drink more green tea

Green tea contains two powerful substances caffeine and tea polyphenols. Caffeine can make the concentration of fatty acids in the blood rise, so that the fatty acids will be absorbed by the muscles and consumed in a way that converts them into energy for the body. So drinking green tea is good for weight loss.

Fifth: bring a midday meal to work

Eating out is not only bad for your wallet, but also for keeping your body in shape. Outside restaurants generally have excessive calories, and if you go out to eat at noon every work day, you will have to consume an average of 300 extra calories per day, and you will accumulate 1500 calories in a week.

Contemporary weight loss methods for young people

First, control the diet

Young people especially love snacks and sweets, so it is best to give up sweets in life, and drink as little or no juice and tea as possible. Eat more soy products and vegetables containing less sugar, fruits, etc.

Second, exercise to lose weight

Do exercise, such as running, yoga and so on, if running, the best choice in the morning and after five o'clock in the afternoon; yoga, can be in the morning, but also at night before going to bed; sit-ups are also the same, each exercise can not be less than 30 minutes. Exercise weight loss is not only slimming more fitness, with a reasonable diet with long-term adherence to the weight loss effect is not easy to rebound.

Third, Chinese medicine massage weight loss method

Chinese medicine uses acupuncture points to help patients lose weight, stimulating or acupuncture certain points is able to achieve a certain weight loss effect. Of course, the premise is that your body is suitable for Chinese medicine massage therapy.

Weight gain is easy to lose weight is difficult, it is recommended that all lazy dieters take as needed, early thin out a good body ha!
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