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The World Cup is coming, teach you how to play jersey dressing

By: jack Nov. 20,2022
The World Cup is about to open and whether you are a fan or not, you will surely be very excited about this day. And seeing as the time is getting closer and closer, it is time for us to arrange ourselves with various fashionable jerseys and participate in this atmosphere that makes our friends all over the world boil. The next step is to teach you to play around with this year's popular jersey wear and unlock various fashionable looks!

If you want to get handsome jersey wear, you can go boldly to try a variety of color, do not always wear ordinary all black, all white, like these orange, red is actually a very good choice, male wear in the body will still look confident and open, no dull feeling.

If you feel that this black and white jersey wear is too monotonous, you may want to add accessories to embellish, to add some highlights to your look, like knitted cap is a very fashionable sense of single product, wear in the head will also feel cool, and then with a metal ring or necklace more can show a strong aura.

Wearing a jersey can master a rule of dressing is wide, this loose single product with actually more able to show a sense of fashion, with a lazy sense of comfort, wear a casual and generous, loose sports jersey with loose wide leg pants, give a very casual feeling.

And girls can also try this sports style full of dresses, wear a gentle and sexy body, with a variety of color blocking treatment to show the highlights, will be able to break the monotony, like this blue, green checkered embellishment is also very foreign.

Occasionally, you can also take advantage of some personality chic color, such as gold this color is very present, wear on the body bright crystal, looks very dazzling, and then through the gold jersey to go with the black half skirt is also very gentle.

You can use different colors and different patterns when wearing a jersey, and you can also combine a variety of bold pattern elements for modification when choosing a model, such as the following green patchwork design jersey chest also incorporates letters and prints, which looks really unique.

In addition to the regular loose sports jersey, this sports tank top can also be arranged to wear on the body to show a good body, with the sports shorts, sexy and not lack of casual temperament, daily wear are completely OK.

When wearing a jersey with shorts, short socks as well as sneakers, this is the most popular group of sports style wear, loose wide leg shorts with loose jersey, and then continue this sense of leisure through the addition of socks and sneakers, looks very fashionable.

In addition to the street, previously, Adidas also released a number of national team World Cup jerseys, like Argentina's home team jersey chose the classic striped shirt, blue and white stripes look fresh and simple, a strong sense of design.

The Japan team jersey is still the traditional blue and white pattern, and the origami pattern on it has a certain literary feel. The red lines are combined on the side of the shirt for trim, which can also add detail to the design.

The Adidas jersey for the Mexican team is influenced by the ancient civilization of the Mexican feathered serpent god, and incorporates a special pattern on the green jersey, which can show personality and also pay tribute to the ancient civilization.

And Spain's World Cup jersey is still dark red, Adidas uses the classic dark red to interpret the country's passion and fighting spirit, which is also very new and foreign from the visual point of view. With orange and dark blue lines as finishing touches, it shows a full sense of style.

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