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The summer dressing want to cool, today to introduce you shirt with shorts.

By: anna Aug. 08,2022

The actual shirts can be used as sun shirts and also air conditioning shirts, which is simply an all-around ACE. shorts needless to say, a "short" word is enough to show everything.

The shirt control don't miss this wear, choose the shirt with shorts, both cool and can easily create a sense of fashion.

The shirt is a versatile but breathable single product, summer single wear flowing and comfortable, loose and breathable version, cuffs can also cover the arm flesh. With shorts is not stuffy more refreshing.

And on a single shirt are a variety of ways to wear, shirt + shorts combination is easy to wear a lot of style, that it is the most money-saving summer with, absolutely not too much.

This picture includes 4 basic ways to wear: knot at the waist, a collar, add choker, shirt backwards.

The following is a list of some of the shirts and shorts that are available to mud people.

Pure and lustful white shirt

The more you look at the classic white shirt, the more you like it, the more pure and desirable it can be. I believe everyone has one in their closet, right?

It is also true that the degree of its versatility is not to be blown away. Even with ordinary denim shorts can create an effortlessly chic look.

The easiest way to wear it is with a pair of A-line shorts, and girls with thick thighs don't have trouble wearing it.

Because the white shirt is clean and simple, so the shorts can be chosen at will, such as the print will be a very eye-catching detail.

Or you can use a long shirt with shorts to create the lower half of the body missing, with a half tuck or a belt to outline the waistline

But I still think it's more fashionable to reveal your shorts, and it always looks a little awkward to cover them up.

In early autumn, directly open as a small jacket, on the outside of the T-shirt and shorts, with a pair of sophisticated high heels, handsome and beautiful.

Bright and chic colored shirt

In contrast to the simple fashion of white shirts, colored shirts are more energetic, retaining the versatile properties of the shirt, but also to show their own personality.

Especially the wide oversized shirts, but also by the fashion bloggers sought after! Color shirt relative to white shirts are more about collocation, through some collocation skills can simply ride out the sense of fashion, so you can easily beauty out of the sky.

Blue shirt is the most popular shirt in addition to the white shirt, its clean color, reminiscent of the clear sky, cool seawater, summer wear it as if with a cool breeze.

Green shirt should not choose too high purity of color, to choose a little pink mint green or light grass green, so that it is better to match.

Orange is an essential summer color, it is enthusiastic, exuberant, as hot as the summer sun, by many young women pursuing a unique personality dress sought after.

The bright and flowing yellow shirt is a very bright presence in the summer.

Bold and passionate print shirt
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Summer can not be said without a printed shirt, after all, full of beach style, not to mention this summer so popular print elements.

The very recognizable flower shirt whether with high heels or small white shoes, are full of attack, wear will not show short legs, the real - queen welfare!

Like Lauren Santo choose different materials for patchwork, the visual effect is more advanced

The combination of big shorts and shirts is casual and fashionable, simply with a pair of high-heeled sandals, it is very imperial style

Short or short-legged sisters should remember to wear the shirt tucked into the shorts, whether it is fully tucked or half tucked, can make your legs look much longer.

Plain but three-dimensional sense striped shirt

The striped shirt looks plain but has a three-dimensional sense, so it has always been very popular, and after matching with shorts, casual with a lazy energy.

The enduring stripes are not monotonous at all, the vertical and horizontal arrangement of the stripes, the texture of the shirt, personality design and other factors into the mix, immediately presenting a new face.

Well, that's it for today, we'd better stay at home, and again, like the sauna days now, outside shooting in situ heat in minutes
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