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Weight loss must eat 5 kinds of food, scraping oil is also delicious!

By: anna zhannifer Aug. 03,2022

The world's food thousands of millions, weight loss when just eat a lot of things in fact, the following to see the Xiaobian to introduce you to the weight loss food.


Weight loss process, the surging appetite is one of the reasons why it is difficult to stick to. At this time, avocado can help eliminate appetite.

It is very useful for people who still have a big appetite after eating a meal. Besides that, if you want to be both beautiful and healthy, avocado is the answer. In addition, skin aging can occur when you slim down too much, and avocado is rich in vitamin C, which can prevent this condition. It has a similar taste to butter, so if you want to lose weight but also like butter a lot, why not use avocado instead?


Corn is known as the "golden crop", rich in fiber, can help us intestinal peristalsis, and can reduce the absorption of cholesterol, corn also contains a lot of magnesium, can promote the excretion of body waste.


Almonds give a sense of satiety and prevent overeating. They need to be eaten before meals to help reduce the amount of food consumed. It contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, which can remove cholesterol and neutral fat from the blood. Consuming it while regulating your diet can make your blood vessels cleaner.

Also, its antioxidant effect can prevent aging and eliminate symptoms such as constipation that occur when losing weight. However, it is important not to consume a lot of it because it can help with weight loss, as this can lead to obesity, and it is recommended to eat up to about 20 capsules a day.


Mushrooms are ultra-low-calorie vegetables, and they are rich in dietary fiber, and their protein and amino acid content is much higher than that of ordinary vegetables.

Crushed cocoa beans

Cacao Nibs, known as the "fruit of the gods," is 100% cacao before it is made into chocolate. They are rich in dietary fiber and can help reduce constipation. In addition, the antioxidant catechins are 60 times more potent than green tea, and are effective in preventing aging and breaking down body fat and vascular neutral fat.

It has a mellow flavor when served in warm water. It is slightly bitter when chewed directly and has a crunchy texture. However, because of the caffeine content, excessive intake may cause insomnia, so it is recommended that you do not consume more than two teaspoons a day.

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