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This summer, the young hotties are wearing their grandmother's crocheted clothes

By: ainislow Jun. 22,2022

This year can be called the "year of the hot girl", and what is the first thing you think of when it comes to hot girls?

The increasingly short hemline, a wide range of short tops, or the blooming hole ...... this chic naked way in addition to full of rich hormonal atmosphere, it seems less cover up also and gradually climbing temperatures more with.

The company's main goal is to provide the best possible solution to the problem. The crochet element, which includes vintage beauty, colorful and multi-layers, is the first to enter their closet, instantly adjusting the passionate atmosphere of summer to the MAX value.

It is a slow time to build, and the weave style with bolder colors and fancy techniques is also irreproducible and free from the trouble of "accidentally clashing". You can't miss the unique crochet style that can be casually beautiful.

The crochet undershirt is suitable for many occasions without pressure

The hot girls love the suspenders, with a variety of texture and rich colors of crochet suspenders can be full of light value for the hot summer days. One of the most basic and wearable with the law is undoubtedly overlapping vintage denim, which is full of a sense of age crochet and historical denim to a double collision, casual and vintage cadence instantly get in place.

Change the type of suspenders, will after lacing into crochet suspenders wear a straw big eaves cap, go to the seaside vacation also fully compatible. Or just overlay a high waist wide leg denim, also can be cool and valiant.
And the crochet neck undershirt into a solid color, under a simple floral minstrel skirt, elegant temperament instantly manifested.

In addition to the deep V-neckline, crochet undershirt, belly style is also very popular, this behind the big style and the full rate of the pants fit higher, well balanced too revealing sexy, so that the mother Man charm instantly upgraded.

Want to spicy attributes more outstanding, that the hollow design into the crochet undershirt can be, itself has a different dense size of the texture so that the hollow is also more natural, hot more than a little.
Or by swimsuit bikini deep V, spaghetti straps, colorful and abundant tones with crochet applied to the suspenders, the hotter body type of course to boldly show up.

The crochet crop top can also be directly on the bustier version, denim shorts or pants can be taken at will, neatly revealing a waistline, but also can be fashionable out of place.

Not yet cultivated right-angle shoulder that wide straps H-type crochet undershirt is also a good choice, square collar left white so that the superior collarbone more attractive, decorated with small flowers on the top and brought into the girl's playfulness and lightness.

Direct vacuum crochet vest is also good, V-neckline and abdomen natural formation of the triangle, constitute just the right amount of skin-revealing fashion, with a pair of wide-legged pants can be sexy enough dash.

Crochet skirt hem detail version to be in place

When choosing a crochet hemline, a special point to note is to avoid this rich texture brings a sense of expansion, such as the hot girls daily favorite mini skirt, just over the hip line length on the body effect is very good.

The way to match is not complicated, solid color short undershirt can take, with a simple white to highlight the vitality of the lower skirt value refreshing and fashionable.

Of course, with a full set of crochet single product modeling is also bright enough to pull the overall color saturation to a higher degree, the strong enthusiasm is not afraid to express it in place?
After seeing the half-skirt, want to "one piece" to get crochet chic that jumpsuit is obviously more than suitable, and the choice of half-skirt the same reason, more body-skimming version can outline a beautiful body.

If you're going on vacation or on a cruise, the colors can also be bolder, with crochet combined with vivid patterns immediately brightened up.

If the hemline is too short to manage the pressure, a slightly longer version of the dress can also be used to add a sense of lightness with a moderate amount of skin exposure and fresher tones.

You can also focus on the shoulder line, thin suspenders can also add to the overall lightness of the hemline, a large area of skin exposure more breathable, but also not too long hem pressure.

There is also the hem to focus on the high fork, the legs will be hidden out, so that the sexy tension is more cleverly expressed.
The delicate crochet pattern is varied, in fact, change the knitting material can also create a different look, like using metal crochet or leather knitting can make the style more pioneering and bold.

Knitted accessories with small touches of chic are indispensable
Not only in the dress into crochet elements look good, in handbags and hats with it as an embellishment can also subtly resolve the daily dull feeling, let the beauty of the release of a more unique.

Speaking of knitted handbags will have to say a little bit to the leather skills to play a variety of Bottega Veneta, before the launch of the Jodie handbags have long occupied the closet of the major fashionable fine. The small and delicate shape and the special twist knot design at the handheld make it artistic and a little playful and lively.

The Jodie handbag is also available in different sizes in the new early autumn Wardrobe 04 collection by Bottega Veneta, which adds another fun artistic perspective while reshaping the Intrecciato exquisite weaving technique.
There is also an it bag Cassette bag is also needless to say, moderate size, light body, coupled with soft and delicate leather interweaving, carry it has a dry and versatile fashion.
Bottega Veneta in early autumn Wardrobe 04 series in addition to the classic black leather also boldly used denim fabric for weaving, so that the diverse fashionable expression more relaxed, but also more spontaneous.

If you want more capacity, Prada raffia tote bag is obviously also a good choice, rich color combinations, inverted triangle LOGO are very recognizable, light and soft material and flat bag body will also set off the whole person literary and gentle model, cute tension is not reduced.
Or you can also look at Loewe's Anagram Basket, a straw bag that has a very vacation atmosphere when carried by hand. The fan-shaped body and thin handle and the Anagram logo on the front make the pleasant atmosphere more sophisticated.

Not only choose a suitable handbag to meet the knitting wind chic no pressure, a colorful crochet hat also conquered a lot of fashion icon.
In fact, fisherman's cap, bell-shaped cap form is a good entry-level choice, slightly wide out of a circle of brim not only more modifying face shape, adapt to a variety of styles of dress are no pressure.
And relatively playful color can also be boldly applied in the woven cap, so not only more interesting sense, when taking pictures is also very easy out of the film.

Looked over a variety of woven trend, there is no also feel a kind of warmth from the craft and natural fresh air. In fact, this is the knitting wind brought a kind of "slow fashion" attitude of life, like in the grandmother up and down the flying crochet needle, enough patience under the polishing, a line can also weave on the beauty of the flowers.

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