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New Tea Gardenia Oolong

By: anna Jun. 20,2022

The most common type of floral tea is jasmine tea, and some jasmine teas will be primed with white orchids to add layers of floral aroma and concentration.

While gardenia oolong's cellaring does not need to be so troublesome because gardenia is fragrant and painful enough.

Of course, a good floral tea needs a good tea first.

As in the case of osmanthus oolong, the tea base is made of strongly scented Tieguanyin. The strong aroma of Tieguanyin is more roasted, the aroma is more sunken, and the aroma of gardenia happens to appear at different times of brewing, complementing each other.

The dried tea particles are large and tight, which shows that the fresh leaves are mature and robust, which is the foundation of good oolong tea.

The tea broth is golden and translucent, resembling a Belgian monochromatic ale, with a refreshing floral aroma on the nose.

At the beginning of brewing is the high and exuberant aroma of gardenia, the more you brew it, the more caramel flavor of strong aroma Tieguanyin comes out with a hint of sweetness, which is often called "ripe aroma".

A tea two kinds of experience, the hierarchy is extremely significant. Life should also be like gardenia before, after the Iron Goddess of Mercy, rather than at the beginning of the bush, set the track.

If I am now 18 or 19 years old, strong and powerful, how good it would be. Books to read, literature does not need to be taught at all. Then I would go to work in various jobs, travel to various countries, mingle until I was forty, accumulate money, and live in seclusion to write.

Wooden Heart's "Memoirs of Literature
The "thick" refers to having blossomed and blossomed many times, while the "hair" refers to turning back to the state of a child and honestly making oneself happy.

Gardenia blooms, spring leaves, and summer comes.

So, be brave.
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