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Summer white tea brewing full apparatus teaching, so you can brew a cup of tea drink to relieve the summer heat at any time

By: anna Jun. 20,2022

Summer is about to usher in the real day as it should be, and a lot of hydration will become just what is needed.

So is there a tea suitable for drinking in the real day?

Tea is rich in inclusions, drink more tea, in addition to giving the body a lot of water, but also replenish the body's need for minerals,
Vitamins and other beneficial substances, thirst quenching, hydration and summer heat.

I privately believe that the elegant and mild, sweet and smooth white tea and summer more with Oh!
In addition, the adaptability of white tea for the apparatus is almost full coverage.

Large tea jars, glass cups, mugs, bowls, pots, etc., almost all daily drinking utensils can be used to make white tea.

On a hot summer day, a cup and a pinch of white tea can be used for healthy hydration.

The specific brewing method is as follows:

Large Cup Quick Brew

1Applicable utensils
Glass/mug/insulated cup.
These cups with a general capacity of 250 ml are estimated to be in everyone's hands.

2 cast tea

Put the right amount of dry tea into the cup.
3-4 grams is enough, you can also increase or decrease the amount of tea according to personal taste.
3Inject water
Fill the cup with boiling water.

Don't fill the cup very full, usually up to four-fifths of the cup is almost enough.
4 Drink
Steep for about 3 minutes, the tea in the cup turns light yellow when you can drink it.

After a few minutes, the tea also drops to a suitable temperature, the cup to the mouth, white tea aroma will be spread, you can quietly enjoy a good cup of tea.

5Refill the water
When there is only about one third of the tea left, you can add boiling water and continue to brew.

In order to make each bubble of tea taste evenly, it is recommended that each time you drink it, do not drink it all and then add water, but add boiling water one after another when you have a third of it left.
White tea is not kneaded, the leaching is slow, and the taste is mild and non-irritating, so tea lovers who want to save can still feel free to use a large cup of bubble.

Simple steeping method with a floating cup 

1Applicable utensils
One cup. Inner cup capacity is generally 150-200ml.
2Take tea
Put an appropriate amount of dry tea into the inner cup of the Puffy Cup.

Put 3-5 grams of tea leaves according to your taste and the capacity of the cup.

3Fill with water
Add boiling water to the inner cup of the Puffy Cup and cover with the lid.

After 30 seconds of steeping, lift the inner cup or press the soup button of the Puffy Cup to separate the tea from the water and drink the soup from the outer cup.

When brewing, you can lift the inner cup at the right time to control the concentration of the tea broth according to your taste.

❺ Refill
Add boiling water to the inner cup of the Puffy Cup and repeat the brewing process.

The soup of white tea brewed in a floating cup is stable, and you can clearly feel the subtle changes of aroma, taste and soup color during the whole process.

The tea fragrance and tea aroma are especially obvious, and the sweetness of the tea soup has a good continuity. When steeping to the later bubbles, the brewing time should be extended appropriately, so that it can be bored, and there will be no bitterness and astringency out.

Large pot sharing steeping method
1Applicable utensils
Glass pot / large porcelain pot / large alabaster pot

The capacity is generally 300-500ml.

2Take the tea
Take the appropriate amount of dry tea and put it into the pot.
Depending on your taste and pot capacity put 4-6 grams of tea leaves. It is recommended to brew white tea to quench your thirst in summer, so a more appropriate or lesser amount of tea is recommended.
3Inject water
Fill the pot with boiling water and put the lid on.
4 Soup
After steeping for about 1 minute, pour the tea broth into small tea cups separately.
A large pot brewing can best bring out the delicate sweetness of white tea. The sweet and light tea broth is very comfortable in the mouth and can easily take care of everyone's mouth
It can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

When a family or a few friends get together in the summer, brew a big pot, watch TV and chatter, drink slowly one cup at a time, the happiness is in the big pot of hot tea.

5Refill water
Add more boiling water to the live-strike and repeat the brewing process.

A good white tea, even a large pot brewing does not require much skill, even if it is a little longer, a little slower soup, it does not matter
It does not matter, the taste is still not too strong or bitter heavy.

The tea itself is thick enough, very resistant to brewing, a few grams of tea is enough for a large family or three or five friends to drink a whole afternoon.

Tea Language Crowdfunding is sharing a variety of high quality white tea for a limited time, you may want to choose one of your favorite, to meet the summer has come.

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