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Mysterious and romantic, how beautiful can you be when you wear the stars of the universe?

By: jack May. 18,2022

The GUCCI COSMOGONIE collection for early Spring 2023 was presented at the "most beautiful castle in Italy", Castel del Monte. This time Alessandro Michele took astronomy as the theme and brought the starlight of the night sky onto the catwalk, with the clothes shimmering under the light, while he also referred to medieval costume elements, taking us on a parade to explore the origin of the universe with 101 outfits.

Show stars.

Many artists participated in this visual feast. Thai actress Devika Hornet (Mai) wore pink leather suspenders with a lace bustier, fishnet stockings + boots, which not only slimmed down the calf line but also created a variety of styles, making her a sexy and hot cool girl now.

Elle Fanning wore a white dress with a knitted sweater of the same colour, continuing the line of the fairy, gentle and quiet, chic and literary temperament.

The black suit was a perfect match for Dame's black suit, which was elegant with a touch of mystery.


The show opened with a gorgeous dress paired with a faux fur jacket, the fur was no longer as elegant as it used to be, the rhinestones gathered like a star cluster added a lot of playfulness.

The combination of sequin elements and dresses is a throwback to the 1970s, with long, shimmering skirts creating a luxurious and elegant shine that is both modern and retro.

Irregularly pieced suits or dresses are eye-catching, with subtle silhouettes depicting the feminine silhouette.


Exaggerated bowler hats and patent leather gloves are a unique detail to show an elegant and mysterious style.

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