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Chic marine style, now is the best time to wear it!

By: Beatrice May. 18,2022

Looking good in summer is only one aspect of dressing well, but to look good while also being cool and airy is what we really want for our summer fashion sense.

That's why at this time of year, major brands are launching their resort collections for the new year.

A closer look will reveal a summer sea style that will be particularly good looking and unique.

Sea breezes, coconut groves, sunsets, beaches and evening sunsets, cables on sailboats, stripes on navy shirts.

These ubiquitous summer beauties are actually a source of inspiration for our outfits.

Nautical breeze and stripes


You don't have to go to the beach to feel nautical and relaxed. The easiest way to get that nautical look is to use stripes.

A girl who can wear stripes has a natural ability to manage nautical style.

Mademoiselle Chanel was probably the first designer in the history of fashion to promote the nautical style.

In 1929, she created her La Pausa holiday home in the hills a few kilometres from Monaco. Since then, she has been going to this villa every summer to spend her summer holidays and go sailing.

The nautical style has thus become one of Chanel's signature elements, and for the Spring/Summer 2023 collection, it was specifically chosen to be in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Our talented director, Ms Sofia Coppola, was invited to attend the event.

She wore a blue and white striped chunky tweed dress and later chose to wear a blue and white striped half dress with a black short sleeve T, which was generous and relevant.

The thick and thin blue and white horizontal stripes are the most classic and the easiest to borrow for everyday wear.

It is not recommended to choose a tight-fitting style, but a looser fit to have a more relaxed and romantic feel.

The most classic way to wear it is with white trousers. You can choose a brighter colour for the blue check, which will look particularly good with white cotton linen.

However, this style is not very friendly to pear-shaped or funnel-shaped figures with a fat lower body.

Take a cue from the French style bloggers and choose a pair of straight-legged or wide-legged jeans.

By tucking in the corners of your trousers, you'll be able to reduce the bulkiness and create a chic, uncluttered line.

Or take a leaf out of Celine's spring/summer collection this year and pair a slimmer vertical striped shirt with a pair of black blazers that everyone has.

Add a panama straw hat and you've instantly captured the essence of the nautical breeze.

Palm trees and cotton linen


Speaking of the Spring/Summer 2022 Celine show, it was also full of refreshing oceanic vibes.

As the song poured out, the models walked along the famous coconut grove on the Côte d'Azur in Nice with the sea breeze in their faces, everything was new and everything looked familiar.

The palm leaves swaying in the wind, the shades of green kissed by the summer sun, the warm and familiar textures of cotton and linen, all of these make up the rustic marine style we love.

Fine cotton and linen, with the scent of nature and the gentle traces of craftsmanship woven together, are understated and unobtrusive, but can be a long-lasting companion.

Girls who can wear cotton and linen are often better able to enjoy the simplicity and leisure of life, and better able to understand the mood of life and the aesthetics of dressing.

But too many cotton and linen designs emphasise generosity and relaxation, not knowing how to refine the natural material and refine the stance.

This year we've gone the other way, abandoning the old loose-fitting, undignified robes and instead using fine, stiff cotton and linen, with a tailored fit that emphasises the essence of everyday life.

There's no need to pursue a perfect figure, but rather to quietly emphasise the smoothest part of your body, even if it's a tight-fitting cotton linen dress, you can still look good in it.

The more natural the colour, the better, such as the classic primary colours, beige, light khaki and so on.

But if you wear these colours year after year, you'll get tired of the aesthetic.

Not to mention the fact that after living in a home over and over again, it seems that a colourful palette is more soothing to our long-lost moods.

Think sunset-kissed beaches with their hazy, ambiguous pastel shades, perfect for a lazy, oceanic look.

There are also avocado greens and lemon yellows inspired by tropical fruits, which are neither so bland as to be tasteless, nor so kitsch as to be harsh, a chic but not tacky look.

With relaxed materials, it's possible to be bolder and enrich the detailing.

The abundance of drawstrings, ruffles and woven elements in the marine style can come in handy.

A long dress full of crinkled designs, resembling the lines of palm leaves, is powerfully gentle in its rusticity and strength.

With white space and accents, the whole thing looks more sinewy.

Probably because I grew up by the sea, the most resonant of all modern poems for me is Yu Guangzhong's 'Next to the Sea'.

With the sea as my neighbour.

Living next door to the endless blue, but with no walls to separate us.

I have nothing, but I have everything.

I love the sea, not so much for its romance and sentimentality, but for its breadth and openness.

Don't be afraid of the wind, it's just a reason for the sea to give us a reason to walk on the waves.
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