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Pink are cute or super cool

By: Abraham May. 18,2022

The other day Vera Wang attended an event in a pink dress, it is really hard to believe that she is going to have her 73rd birthday next month.

I still vaguely remember when I was young Vera Wang's favorite but all black, is it really true that the older people get the more they can get the beauty of pink?

This year, the fashion industry's pink trend with the retro flavor of the millennium blew into the closet of hot girls, the early 2000s Davin Aoki, "Britney Spears" and Paris Hilton's style combined, was reconstructed pink became a fashion style.

As fashion scholar Valerie Steele says, "All colors have complexity, but I do think pink is one of the most controversial - and one of the most divisive."

No color has had such a radical change over history as pink. It is both the thorny rose that breaks the stereotype of women and the fragile petal that has become synonymous with so-called "femininity".

In this year's hit American drama "Hyperactive", pink has become the main color for the girls of Generation Z. However, if you look closely at the clothes of the main characters, you will find that the use of different shades of pink represents the character of different girls, and you can also see the meaning behind the color pink.

Heidi Bivens, the stylist of "Hyperactive", explained in an interview the reason for the frequent appearance of soft pink and baby blue in Cassie's costume color in the second season as follows.

"Cassie's costumes are more like costumes than other characters because there are more metaphors for the character behind her costumes. I think Cassie has a traditional femininity and her look has been close to what a beautiful woman looks like in the 'traditional' sense."

In the second season, Cassie was in a constant state of "love brain," purposely dressing up as Maddy to please Nate, and trying to dress up as Bridget Bardot and Claudia Schiffer (both of whom were classic Americana that appeared frequently in magazines at the time). (Both were classic American beauties who appeared frequently in magazines at the time)

Cassie's look was called the "Oklahoma Look" because Oklahoma has always been synonymous with a country, old-fashioned feel in American culture, and Lexi protested the rehearsal of the musical "Oklahoma" at school because she thought it was too old-fashioned for the stage.

So why must it be pink that represents women's unassertive, love-brained look?

This brings us to the image of Silly Girl in Hollywood movies, like "Mean Girls", "Solo" and other chick movies, there is always a blonde in a pink suit, a little dumb.

You might say Jules also has a lot of pink looks, but Jules realized in the second season that she no longer needed the so-called "feminine" shell, first she cut off her long pink bleached hair, and her look appeared more pantsuits.
Jules' outfits are less pink, and the pastels that appear are more purple and fluorescent, with the purple tones of pink being mysterious and undefined.

And the overall tone of "Hyperactive" is all towards vintage tones of purple and pink, representing the coolness of Generation Z.

"The 150-year-old notion of pink as a synonym for fragile femininity, as proposed in the West, is being challenged. Pink is now in the 'cool' phase: it's chic, it's androgynous, it's powerful. It will always be there." -- Pink : The Hist ory of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color written by Valerie Steel

When did the "stigmatization" of pink really begin?

There is a scene in The Great Gatsby about pink, where Gatsby is wearing a pink suit and Daisy's husband sarcastically says, "Like hell he is! and class level.

This shows that wearing pink in the 1920s had a different meaning than today.

At that time, pink represented only "masculine and heroic" masculinity, and if we were to distinguish colors by gender, pink was considered to represent men and blue represented women. In many 18th century paintings, we can see a lot of men in aristocratic attire wearing pink clothes.

By the 1950s, pink became more gendered than ever, and the question of "when did we start dressing girls in pink and boys in blue" was answered.

Mamie Eisenhower's pink gown at her husband Eisenhower's presidential inauguration in 1953 set off a pink trend in the United States at the time, and fashion magazines at the time have been pushing Mamie pink home style.

"Ike runs the country, and I turn the pork chops." (The president governs the country, and I will fry pork chops.) This classic quote by Mamie is a reflection of what society expected of women at the time. The TV series "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel", set in the 1950s, featured Maisel often dressed in pink.

The song Think Pink in the 1957 movie Sweetie Pie created a famous pink scene in the history of cinema. What is less known is that the movie was intended to be a satire on the influence of pink on society at the time.

"Banish the black, burn the blue, and forget the beige. now on, go pink!"

Jacqueline Kennedy, the fashion icon of the 50s, wore pink many times during her time as the first lady of the United States, and the classic pink suit became her signature look.

When women wore pink in politics, there was a moment of female political power when Hillary wore a pink suit at the Fourth World Conference on Women in 1995 and said, "Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights."

Pink became a color of feminine power, no longer just submissive and sexy.

Hillary Rodham Clinton attend World Women's Conference in Beijing on September 5, 1995.

Elsa Schiaparelli launched "Shocking Pink" half a century ago. Yves Saint Laurent once said of this pink: Schiaparelli's pink was an aggressive, brawling, warrior pink.

Valentino collaborated with Pantone to launch a fluorescent pink called "Pink PP". The entire collection is presented in both pink and black, and the strong visual effect makes the pink dresses in Valentino's Fall/Winter 2022 collection a sought-after item for recent fashion events.

The "Pink PP" collection will be a representative chapter of the brand as Valentino's color asset.

Nowadays, pink is free from the idea of innocent girls and allows women to show their real appearance.

Dua Lipa is the fashion icon who can master pink in the eyes of young people. The retro-futuristic pink look in the album "Future Nostalgia" makes people nostalgic for the era belonging to studio 54. Pink represents the freedom and boldness of voice.

Dua Lipa combined the popular Y2K style with fashion items to create a unique style that led the trend. The brand Blumarine, which carries fire in private clothing, is the closet of 21st century hot girls.

And menswear design is no longer stingy with pink, male celebrities are also generously wearing pink, completely overturning the law of "female pink and male blue".

Left: Jacquemus Fall/Winter 2021 menswear collection

Right: Prada Fall/Winter 2022 Menswear Collection

Once we worshipped black as synonymous with pioneering sophistication, now pink has the mystery and sophistication of black and is poised to become the new fashion trend.

Perhaps in the future, color will replace logos in the minds of fashion conscious young people as the new fashion icon. We will be able to confirm our eyes by color alone, and color will become a symbol of taste.
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