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How should you effectively protect yourself from the sun in the summer to avoid aging

By: Beatrice May. 18,2022

One day without skincare, you know; three days without skincare, the whole world knows.

Especially as the weather gets hotter and hotter each day, the UV rays under the scorching sun get higher and higher each day, and various sun protection tools emerge.

Although everyone's natural skin tone is determined by the pigments in the skin, there is nothing that affects the skin color more than melanin.

If you want to make your face whiter day by day, then the most effective way is ----- not! Sun! Sun! The sun!

Generally speaking, for light skin tone, although not easy to sunburn, but easy to sun red sunburn; and for dark skin tone people, should not sun red sunburn.

The Chinese skin is not particularly prone to tanning or sunburn, but if exposed to the sun for a long time without sun protection measures, there will still be some hidden dangers.

The wrong sun protection, aging speed up?

The ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun have a sterilizing effect and can help the body synthesize vitamin D, which helps prevent rickets.

There are two main types of ultraviolet rays, long-wave UVA and medium-wave UVB, of which UVB can reach the human skin in the dermis, easy to make the skin is sunburned, triggering skin peeling, erythema, etc., serious will also cause blisters.

UVA can penetrate deep into the dermis of the skin and damage the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin, leading to further aging of the skin, triggering photoaging and fine lines, and even skin cancer.

If subjected to chronic UV damage, the skin will become increasingly dry and rough, and will cause allergic reactions, which will lead to photoaging of the skin, which will lead to premature aging of the skin.

Sun protection misconceptions, what exactly are they?

Therefore, we need to do a certain amount of sun protection, as far as possible to avoid exposing the skin directly to the sun, if you need to go out, you have to do a certain amount of physical sun protection measures, such as sun hat, umbrella, sun sleeve, etc..

Of course, sunscreen work if you ignore some details or misconceptions, may make the sunscreen effect greatly reduced, such as.

A, cloudy days do not need sun protection

UV rays are divided into long-wave, medium-wave and short-wave, and clouds are difficult to cover the long-wave and medium-wave of UV rays, which will irradiate through the clouds to the skin, resulting in sunburned skin.

Second, only in summer need sun protection

Although the UV rays are stronger in summer, but in other seasons, UV rays still exist. If only in the summer sunscreen, then in other seasons, the skin will still be damaged by UV rays.

Three, choose a sunscreen with high sun protection index

The higher the sunscreen index, the more additive ingredients. If you choose too many products with high sun protection index, it will cause greater stimulation to the skin.

Four, when you go out and then apply sunscreen

After the sunscreen is applied to the skin, it takes 15 to 20 minutes to adhere to the skin surface and play a role in sun protection. If you go out and then apply sunscreen, your skin will be sunburned by UV rays.

Five, the use of sunshades can be sunscreen

Even if the sunscreen is more effective sunscreen umbrella, but also can not block all of the UV rays. There are still 50% of UV rays that will harm the skin through the umbrella. So while using a sunshade, you also need to use sunscreen.

Six, apply sunscreen once to protect the sun for a day

Only one application of sunscreen can not achieve the role of sun protection for a day. Generally after two hours of application, the sunscreen will lose its sun protection effect, so you should apply it again at intervals of two hours.

Seven, after applying and then massage hard

Many people will massage and rub back and forth after applying sunscreen, thinking that it can play a better role in sun protection. This method of using sunscreen will make the substances in the sunscreen enter the pores and cause the pores to become clogged.

Eight, apply sunscreen directly after washing your face

The ingredients in the sunscreen will absorb the moisture in the skin, and if the sunscreen is applied directly to the face, it will lead to excessive dryness of the skin. So you should use toner first, as well as moisturizing water and lotion, and then sunscreen.

For sunscreen, as a rule - the higher the sun protection factor of the sunscreen product, the better, but the higher the factor, it also means that more sunscreens are added, which may irritate the skin.

For the usual work, it is recommended that you can choose a product with SPF15, PA+, while if you spend a long time outdoors, then you need to choose a product with SPF25~SPF35, PA++.
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