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Do Zisha pots need sunlight?

By: Beatrice Apr. 21,2022

A good zisha pot needs to be treated well, if not handled properly, damage is also a matter of minutes.

For some tea lovers also have this question: does a Zisha pot need to be exposed to the sun?

The answer given by Intimate Tea Network is of course not.

First of all, exposure to the sun is a combination of temperature, ultraviolet rays, etc. Placing a teapot in the sun will have a certain effect on the luster of the pot's surface.

Especially for pots that have already been clad, they are afraid of the sun.

Secondly, if a zisha pot is stored in the shade for a long time, prolonged exposure to the sun may also lead to cracks.

Therefore, for everyday zisha pots, after use, use soft towels, tea pens and other tools to handle the moisture dry, and put them in a dry and ventilated, odor-free place to dry in the shade.

Some ways to take care of a zisha pot
1、 When using a new pot, you should first soak it with tea soup to remove the smell of soot and dirt from the new pot.

2, old pot reuse, should do every time after brewing tea, will tea dregs pour and wash the residual soup with boiling water to keep clean.

3、 Pay attention to the tea scale in the pot. Some people often only remove the tea dregs after bubble use, and often leave the tea soup in the teapot with the pot dry, and accumulate tea scale after a long time. But if not properly maintained, the pot is prone to odor. So before making tea, you should use boiling water to scald it.

4, the tea residue exists in the pot to raise the pot, this method is not desirable. The tea residue is easily smothered in the pot with rancid odor, which is harmful to the pot.

5, the pot in use should be wiped often, and should be constantly stroked by hand. After a long time, it not only feels comfortable in your hand, but also brings out the natural luster of the purple sand pottery itself, which is simple and elegant and endlessly interesting.

6、When cleaning the surface of the pot, wipe it with a clean fine cotton cloth or other soft and fine cloth, then put it in a dry and ventilated place without odor and dry it.

The right way to store a zisha pot
When storing a Zisha pot, you must let the teapot dry in the shade.

Be sure to let the inside of the teapot reach a dry condition before storing it.

There are many ways to check if the inside of the pot is dry, the most common is to put a paper towel inside the teapot and just look at the paper towel the next day to see how it looks.

Generally when letting the teapot dry we do not use the method of exposure to the sun. Also after the pot is dry you should put some dry tea leaves inside the pot for easy storage.

It is most desirable to buy some storage racks such as Dobaojia to keep the purple sand pots on the shelf, which can also facilitate us to fiddle with it usually.

This storage method must ensure ventilation and keep away from oil and smoke.

A long time of oil smoke plus dust will make it very difficult to open the lid of the zisha pot, and it will not reach the special effects of zisha when the teapot is used again.

If we use the dry storage method, try to keep the lid separate from the pot.
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