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Tofu is highly nutritious, but eating too much is easy to get kidney stones?

By: Beatrice Apr. 21,2022

When Lao Xu was a young Xu, he loved tofu. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public, such as the Internet, the Internet, the Internet and the Internet.
When Lao Xu was a young Xu, he loved tofu. Almost every day breakfast to a bowl of smooth and soft bean curd. In his opinion, tofu is not only nutritious, eat more can also be supplemented with calcium.

20 years ago, the old Xu went to the hospital because of back pain to check 10 stones, at that time young, too much trouble to open, plus no physical discomfort, so only did the external lithotripsy treatment. After retirement, the days are idle, he always felt lumbar pain, at first thought it was because of old age, past strain injury serious.

But think about it or uneasy, they came to the hospital for examination, the results of the CT showed that his left kidney is densely covered with many stones, it is estimated that nearly more than 200, if not cut off, the whole kidney will be ruined. Even the doctor saw such a situation, can not help but sigh "the first time to see so many ......".

After understanding the specific situation of Lao Xu, the doctor said he had so many stones, and long-term eating bean flower related. The calcium in bean curd is high, plus Lao Xu usually does not like to drink water, resulting in calcium can not be discharged from the body, and long-term formation of stones.

In everyday life, there are a variety of practices about tofu, many people love to eat tofu, but "tofu eating too much is easy to get kidney stones" argument also troubled many people, tofu eating too much will really lead to kidney stones? Can stone patients still eat tofu in the future?

A. Tofu has high nutritional value, but eating too much will get kidney stones?

Tofu is a great invention of Chinese people. It is soft and versatile, leaving much imagination to Chinese gourmet cooking.

According to Chinese medicine, tofu is sweet and cool in nature, entering the spleen, stomach and large intestine meridian, and has the ability to nourish the middle and benefit the qi, strengthen the spleen, moisten the dampness, clear the lungs and detoxify the heat. Therefore, there is a folk saying that "tofu is like ginseng in autumn". Tofu is made from soybeans, but there are many types of production processes, and can be divided into northern tofu, southern tofu, lactone tofu and so on.

Tofu is rich in protein and calcium, and soy protein is vegetable protein, does not contain cholesterol, and the essential amino acid group is similar to that of meat, belongs to high-quality protein.

In addition, tofu also contains iron, magnesium, potassium, niacin, folic acid, vitamin B1, methionine and vitamin B6, making it suitable for a wide range of people. Soy sterols, soy saponins, soy lecithin and other beneficial ingredients in tofu play a beneficial role in preventing blood lipids, coronary heart disease, maintaining intestinal micro-ecological balance and improving immunity.

Is it true that tofu will grow stones if you eat too much of it?

Kidney stones are a common urinary disease. When the concentration of minerals in the urine is too high, exceeding the "saturation concentration", crystals will be deposited in the kidneys, and these crystals are stones.

In soy, there are three main substances associated with stones: purine, calcium and oxalic acid, of which oxalic acid is the most important cause of kidney stones. Oxalic acid enters the urine and forms calcium oxalate with the calcium in it. Calcium oxalate is less soluble and can easily become a stone.

The amount of oxalic acid in different soy products varies greatly, but tofu has a very low oxalic acid content.

In a paper in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 19 brands of tofu were tested and it was found that 18 had oxalic acid levels below 0.10 mg/g, with the highest reaching only 0.13 mg/g.

In short, the oxalic acid contained in tofu is very low, and it is still okay for people with a high risk of stones to eat. And tofu is rich in calcium, which also helps reduce the risk of stones, so even stone patients can eat it.

So if spinach is eaten together with both, will it cause stones? The oxalic acid in spinach and the calcium in tofu are well combined by the time they reach your mouth after cooking in a pot. Most of it has not yet been absorbed by the small intestine, it has already formed a precipitate with the calcium in tofu and is excreted with the stool, not enough to reach the amount of calcium oxalate formed in the kidneys.

Second, the rumor: tofu men will eat more than "become a woman", women will get cancer

Because tofu contains soy isoflavones, with estrogenic effects, so there are "men become women", "women with cancer", of course, in fact, these are nonsense.

1, soy isoflavones or can protect the prostate

On the contrary, some studies have shown that soy isoflavones intake, is associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer in Asian men.

2, women eat to help prevent breast cancer

The role of soy isoflavones is two-way, when the body's estrogen levels are insufficient, it can help make up for the shortage; when the body's estrogen levels are too high, it will instead slightly inhibit the effects of estrogen.

So women eat tofu, estrogen levels are not "higher", but help balance female estrogen levels and prevent the occurrence of breast cancer.

Three, bulk tofu bacteria exceed the standard, must not buy?

In the food market, we can buy handmade bulk tofu, while in the supermarket most of the wholesale production of boxed tofu, bulk tofu fresh and unique flavor, many families love to buy, but there are claims that the hygiene of bulk tofu is not guaranteed, bacteria explosion, really?

Some homemade tofu (not prepackaged food) sold in farmers' markets is susceptible to microbial infection and may be sour or acidified if the production and selling environment is not good. However, if you choose to buy from regular channels and pay attention to the presence of odor when purchasing, there is generally no safety risk.

However, it is important to note that both bulk tofu and boxed tofu should be sterilized at high temperatures before consumption, and try not to serve it cold to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort.

In addition, although tofu is nutritious, it contains purines and oxalic acid after all, so not everyone can eat it. In particular, these 3 types of people.

Gout patients with abnormal purine metabolism, patients with increased blood uric acid concentration, should avoid eating tofu.

people with weak spleen and stomach and frequent diarrhea and loose stools should not eat more.

People with renal insufficiency, eating more will also increase the burden on the kidneys, also need to be used with caution.

How much is appropriate to eat? According to the dietary guidelines, the average daily recommendation of soybeans and nuts 25 to 35 grams. Converted into tofu, it is approximately equal to 68 grams of northern tofu ≈ 133 grams of southern tofu ≈ 166 grams of lacto tofu.

For healthy people eating more tofu will not affect their health, but it is important to pay attention to high temperature heating when consuming tofu and try to buy tofu from regular channels to avoid food safety risks.
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