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3 ways to improve diet and improve weight loss efficiency

By: bianjibang Apr. 21,2022

How many people feel this way when they lose weight, this is the feeling of "not enough to eat", when it comes to weight loss we all feel very stuffy

Weight loss is a process, if you really want to get a more ideal weight loss effect, you must develop a reasonable weight loss program. One very important part is the dietary arrangements, many people feel that weight loss is not enough to eat, is not their stomach is particularly large, if the thin stomach, is not better to reduce appetite, I will analyze one by one for you.

By starving can be thin stomach, which is foolish

First of all, starving is not thin stomach, our stomach has a certain elasticity, fasting and after eating the size of the difference is very much, even if they eat very little food in a period of time, they have been starving, but the easy amount of stomach will only stay in the shrinking stage, its actual size is not going to change.

Second, long-term starvation, their mental state will become worse, in the body can not get the proper nutrition, the body will naturally be very weak, their mood will be bad, which will certainly affect work and study.

In addition, starvation is also easy to hurt the stomach, long-term starvation of their stomach acid will stimulate the gastric mucosa, after a period of time will produce gastric disease, such as stomach pain and gastric ulcers.

Many people want to starve to thin the stomach, trying to make their stomach a little smaller, in fact, these are not scientific, really want to thin the stomach, you can try the following methods.

These methods let you healthy "thin stomach"

Method 1: Eat only seven minutes full at each meal

Healthy stomach is the need for stable eating habits to maintain, overeating, starvation are not desirable, each meal eat to seven minutes full, so that the stomach will not bring the burden of digestion, but also to reduce appetite, on the contrary, to help weight loss.

Method 2: Chew and swallow slowly

If you eat too fast, you will unknowingly eat too much, and eat too fast, the food is not chewed, the stomach will also have a certain burden of digestion. Chew slowly, a meal in twenty minutes would be more appropriate.

Method 3: Eat less and more meals

Want to thin stomach, then a meal can not eat too much, if you want to lose weight, more to master the principle of eating less and more meals, if the intake of food is too little, there is nothing to digest inside the stomach, the next meal may eat more things in themselves, more detrimental to weight loss.

These diet suggestions can improve the efficiency of weight loss

Suggestion 1: Replace staple foods or snacks with low-calorie foods

Although many staple foods are not high in calories, but the content of carbohydrates is very high, eating too much sugar in the body will accumulate too much to produce excess fat, you can use oatmeal, mashed potatoes or other low-calorie foods instead of staple foods. And snacks taste very good, but very high calorie, most snacks are excessive sugar or fried food, eat more easily gain weight.

Suggestion two: If you reduce the intake of food, you feel like eating something else, then you can prepare more fruit and vegetable salads, which are extremely low in calories, eat more and not fat fear.

Suggestion three: appropriate intake of meat, weight loss when not eating meat, they will instead have the feeling of not being full, because the intake of protein is not enough, the body will have the reaction of not being full, if you are afraid of eating meat will be fat, you can choose eggs, chicken, fish and other high-protein and low-fat food.

Although the thin stomach is very important, but a reasonable diet arrangement is equally important, from now on a good review of their weight loss journey, to develop a reasonable weight loss plan.
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