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Is Xiaoqingkang a completely aged tea?

By: Abraham Feb. 21,2022

Xiaoqingkang is certainly not a completely aged tea, however a sort of gone back over tea with regular maturing properties. Xiaoqingkang is designated "Xiaoqingkang Pu'er tea", which is produced using Yunnan Pu'er ready tea, along with Xinhui tea branch citrus organic product, through the most common way of burrowing openings, filling tea, drying, and so on In this way, both Xiaoqingkang have a place with the gone back over results of conventional tea, and have regular maturing properties.

What is Xiaoqingkang
Xiaoqingkang is the shortening of Xiaoqingkang Pu'er tea, it and the normal "Huge Red Mandarin" (Chenpi Pu'er tea) both have a place with the class of Citrus tea.

As per "Xinhui Chenpi Geographical Indication Products", the citrus strip can be partitioned into citrus green strip (little green citrus), miniature red strip and huge red strip as per the collecting time frame.

Little green mandarin alludes to the organic product collected when juvenile, after around a half year of development, right now the little green mandarin is delicate green and sleek, toughness, loaded with oil chamber, sweet and rich natural product fragrance.

Xinhui tea branch citrus, July, August citrus natural product dug mash loaded up with Yunnan ready Pu-erh tea and afterward after the drying system like crude sun or drying is little green citrus Pu-erh tea.

Its trademark is that the entry is sweet and smooth, sweet, with exceptional flower scent and maturing aroma, which is because of the unique natural product scent of Xinhui mandarin, and the drawn out adsorption of the natural product aroma of the mandarin strip by Pu'er tea.

The quality attributes of little mandarin
The amazing Xiaoqingkang has green skin with reflexive, inward oil chamber point, even and thick dispersion, thick surface, meager skin in the beginning phase of development, somewhat sharp and sweet-smelling smell.

From the general nature of Xiaoqingkang tea, "tea has tea flavor, citrus has citrus flavor, tea flavor and citrus flavor mix well" is the essential attributes of good Xiaoqingkang tea.

Tea is delivered in Yunnan phenomenal pu-erh ready tea, tea quality is unadulterated and delicate, maturation process is perfect and great, there is a sure maturing time, the taste is smooth and smooth, sweet and soggy without horrendous smell, rotten smell; citrus is created in Xinhui fantastic old tree tea branch citrus, citrus organic product wellbeing without illness, citrus flavor is solid and sharp.

Accordingly, the blend of the two, comparable to a perfect pair, is perfect.

Subsequent to blending, the tea stock is orange-red and brilliant, the tea stock is smooth and thick, the soup feels fragile, the persistent flavor is fresh and sweet, with a solid fragrance of maturing.
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