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Distribution map of good tea in China, list of famous tea in each province

By: Abraham Feb. 21,2022

According to incomplete statistics, there are thousands of tea names in China, and there are about one hundred kinds of common teas on the market.

It is not easy to remember these tea names! Is there any summary to facilitate our understanding of these teas?

The answer is of course yes!

Different teas are produced in different regions, so knowing the tea producing areas will help you to improve your overall understanding of Chinese tea.

At the end of this article, we have attached a list of tea producing regions in China.

Green Tea
Widely cultivated throughout the country

Green tea is one of the most widely consumed teas in China, with a very wide range of production areas, and there is almost no place where green tea is not produced in all provinces and cities in the southeast and northwest of the country.

In addition to the famous green teas that we are familiar with - Xihu Longjing, Huangshan Mao Feng, Biluochun, etc., many small places also produce green tea, but the popularity is relatively low, and they are generally self-produced and self-sold.

White Tea
Fuding, Zhenghe two contend with each other

The only recognized production areas of white tea are Fuding and Zhenghe in Fujian Province.

However, because of the rise of white tea in the past few years, some other provinces and cities have also started to introduce and produce white tea.

There has been an endless debate about which is the origin of white tea, Fuding or Zhenghe, and as far as the white tea on the market is concerned, Fuding white tea is the majority.

The quality of white tea from both places is very good, but there are some differences in flavor, so tea lovers can take what they like.

When buying white tea, besides paying attention to the origin, white tea is divided into white hair silver needle, white peony, tribute eyebrow and longevity eyebrow according to the raw material from young to old.

Yellow tea
There are few origins and categories

Yellow tea is more famous for Mengding yellow bud in Sichuan, Junshan silver needle in Hunan, Huoshan yellow bud in Anhui, etc.

Yellow tea is rare in the market because of its low production, low popularity and high production difficulty, so there are few varieties.

Black tea
Names mostly with abbreviations

The production areas of black tea are also very wide, but the provinces that produce more black tea are Yunnan, Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, etc.

We often hear the names of several kinds of black tea: Dian Hong, Sichuan Hong, Qi Hong, Ying Hong, have you found a pattern, the name of black tea is mostly "abbreviation of the place name + red", to name a few examples.

Dian Hong = Yunnan black tea

Sichuan black tea = Sichuan black tea

Qi Hong = Qimen black tea

Ying Hong = Yingde black tea

In addition, black tea there are Jin Jun Mei, Zheng Shan Xiao Zhu, Jiuqu Hongmei and other "not according to the set" tea name.

Oolong tea
Where there is work tea, where there is oolong tea

Work tea is prevalent in Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan, and when it comes to work tea, it refers to the way of brewing tea in small pots and cups.

Oolong tea is most suitable for brewing in the gongfu tea method.

Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan, where work tea is prevalent, are naturally the main production areas of oolong tea.

Fujian has Tieguanyin in the south and Wuyiyan in the north; Guangdong is the most famous for its Phoenix mono-bush tea; Taiwan is famous for its high mountain tea on various mountains.

Black Tea
Long history and fixed origin

The production areas of black tea are relatively fixed, and the major ones with large production are Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Yunnan and so on.

Historically, black tea has been supplied to frontier minority areas, because frontier areas have less vegetables and more meat, so in order to help digest food and balance nutrition, they need to drink more tea.

List of tea produced in each province of China
This article lists the tea categories are not detailed, mainly referenced from the "Chinese Tea Tasting Atlas" "Tea Tasting Atlas" "Chinese Tea on the Tip of the Tongue", some of the tea not included in the welcome message to add.


West Lake Longjing, Dafo Longjing, Yuhang Jingshan tea, Guzhu Purple Bamboo Shoots, Golden Award Huiming tea, Anji White Tea, Songyang Silver Monkey, Linhai Banhao, Kaihua Longding, Suichang Silver Monkey, Jiangshan Green Peony, Wuyang Spring Rain, Pingyang Yellow Soup, Mogan Yellow Bud, Yuehong Work, Jiuqu Red Plum


Emei Mao Feng, Emei Snow Bud, Mengding Ganlu, Shihua tea, Guang'an Pine Needle, Xiangshan Tribute Tea, Bamboo Leaf Green, Wanyuan Bashan Bird's Tongue, Early White Tip, Jincheng Dew Bud, Mengding Yellow Bud, Sichuan Red Work, Ya'an Kang Brick Tea, Ya'an Golden Tip Tea, Dujiangyan Fangbao Tea


Bashan Yinhao, Jiangjin Cuiya, Longfo Xianming, Wudu Xiangming, Tuocha


Lushan Yunwu, doggu, Shangrao white eyebrows, Xinchuan Longcui, Dagu Baihao, Wuhua Yunwu, Jinggang Biyu, Jinggang Cui green, Yunwu Xian tea, Wuyuan Wuyu green, Wuyuan Mingbei, Xiushui Shuangjing green, Xiushui Ninghong


Huangshan Mao Feng, Liuan Gua Piece, Taiping Monkey Kui, Lao Zhu Dafang, Huoning Song Luo, Jingting Green Snow, Yongxi Fire Green, Shucheng Orchid Tea, Wanxi Early Flower, Tianzhu Jian Hao, Yuexi Cui Lan, Qishan Cui Mei, Huoshan Yellow Bud, Huoning Tun Green, Wanxi Huangda Tea, Qimen Black Tea


Nanjing rain flower tea, Dongting Biluochun, Yangjian Snow Bud, Taihu Cuijhu, Wuxi Maocha, Erquan Yinhao, Nanshan Shoumei, Jintan Bird's Tongue, Huaguoshan Yunwu tea, Jiangning Cuiluo, Tianchi Minghao


Baihao silver needle, white peony, tribute eyebrow, longevity eyebrow, Ningde Tianshan green tea, Zhenghe white hair monkey, Anxi Tieguanyin, Anxi colored species, Wuyi rock tea, northern Fujian Shui Xian, northern Fujian cinnamon, Zhangping Shui Xian, Da Hongpao, Bajiaoting dragon beard tea, Yongchun Buddha's hand, Zhengshan small species, Jin Jun Mei, Min Hong Gong


Anhua pine needles, Guzhang Mao Jian, Weishan Mao Jian, Gaoqiao Silver Needle, Xiangtan Shaofeng, Junshan Silver Needle, Hu Hong Gong, Hunan black tea, Anhua black brick, flower brick, Fu brick, Xiang Jian tea, Qianliang tea


Gulao tea, and wu tea, Guangdong big leaf green, Phoenix monocotyledon, Lingtou monocotyledon, Shiguping oolong, Yingde black tea


Enshi Yulu, Yuan'an Luyuan, Che Yunshan Mao Jian, Cactus tea, Dengcun Yunwu Jianhao, Wudang Green Feather, Puqi Songfeng tea, Puqi Yulu tea, Xianfeng Cascade Spring tea, Macheng Strider Mountain Rock Green, Songzi Bi Dong tea, Xingshan Gaogang Mao Jian, Dawu Shuangqiao Mao tea, Hubei Old Green tea


Nanshan white hair tea, Ling Yun Bai Hao, Guiping Xishan tea, Xiangqi Yun Wu, Ling Yun Jin Hao, Wuzhou Liubao tea


Nannuo Baihao tea, Yiliang Baohong tea, Dali Cang Mountain green snow, Menghai Buddha fragrant tea, Dehong big leaf Jianfeng, Simao green sea silver hair, Baoshan spring green, Longling Longmei, Dianhong, Yunnan red tea, Pu'er tea


Duyun Mao Jian, Guiding Yun Wu tea, Zunyi Mao Feng, cloud needle green tea, Longquan Jianming, Meitan Jade Bud, Emerald, Fanjingshan Snow Bud, Green Mountain Jade Bud, Dafang Haima Gong tea, Zunyi black tea


Hainan big white hair, Wuzhishan green tea, Baisha green tea, Baisha black tea


Xinyang Mao Jian, Yangtian Snow Green, Tai Bai Yin Hao, Xinyang black tea


Ziyang Mao Jian, Hanzhong Xian Hao, Qinba Wu Hao, Baxian Yunwu, Shangnan Quanming, Jingwei Fu tea


Lianshan Jade Bud, Junan Pine Needle, Junan Snow Bud, Longquan Jade Bud, Jiaonan Sea Qingfeng Tea, Rizhao Snow Green, Yimeng Bi Bud, Linshu Yushan Ming Bud, Laoshan Green Tea


Jin Xuan tea, frozen top oolong, Wenshan Bao seed, Alishan high mountain tea, Sun Moon Lake black tea, Oriental beauty tea.
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