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Goodbye checkerboard, hello diamond pattern!

By: bianjibang Jan. 05,2022
Amway's "checkerboard" was pressed in 2021. Do you still like it in 2022? If you want to try new ones, you might as well try the diamond pattern.

Compared to square and square, oblique stagger is more interesting.

1. Regular models

The rhombus pattern is derived from the classic traditional pattern of Scotland. It is a pattern formed by overlapping rhombus patterns and adding ray stripes.

It was first used on the stockings worn by men when playing golf, and it has become an element that combines retro and fashion. The common item in winter is the diamond-patterned sweater.

The rhombus sweater is also called Argyle Sweater. It is mostly hedging. If you want to be more elegant, choose the V-neck, the round neck is more youthful, and the high-neck warmth index is the strongest. Not all sweaters are thick and heavy, and thin and light styles are more suitable for personal wear.

Geometric figures have always been the designer's favorite. Contrasting the monochromatic sweaters, the monochromatic sweaters are single and boring. The rhombus sweaters have a sense of rhythm and are rich in sight.

If you choose eye-catching colors, other items should not be overwhelming. The simpler the better, so as not to create a sense of confusion in the whole outfit.

The diamond-patterned sweater has a very strong modification effect on the figure, which is very suitable for girls with short stature or those who don't have a good sense of line.

The short rhombus sweater is more visible on the waist, exposing long legs, similar to the vest, and the stacking effect is also great!

If the style is half-length and not short, it will look better with a corner.

The size of the rhombus pattern and the lightness and darkness of the color can bring different feelings.

Generally, the dark color of the small grid is retro, and the light color of the large grid is more sassy and lively.


The lozenge pattern that covers the whole body in the wide version is full of sporty accent. It looks like a jacket but is more versatile than it, and it is also suitable for indoor wear.

For a while, I felt that the rhombus sweater and the Fair Isle sweater were a bit silly and confused. In fact, the rhombus sweater has a larger print and a higher degree of fashion.

If you are afraid of cold, wear a short-sleeved white T to expose the edge of the neckline to increase the sense of layering.

The 2022 popular color periwinkle blue has a gentle and romantic atmosphere, but it is lighter in color. It will be very abrupt if it doesn't match the whole body. Don't touch the color. Remember that the color is always advanced and simple.

Although the oversized model is comfortable and full of leisure, it is easy to conceal the waistline. If the lower body is matched with a profile skirt or pants, remember to tie the sweater with a belt, and make it look thinner if it is tight and loose.

4. Cardigan

Compared with the pullover, sweater cardigan has more possibilities to wear.

When you want to be modern and fashionable, unbutton a button to reveal the waistline, and at the same time reduce the bloated and heavy feeling of the shape.

Wear a lace-collared shirt inside, which is full of girlishness.

It's cool to wear it alone, but I suggest you try again when winter comes and spring comes.

Through pattern and layout innovation, the ever-changing width and width of the rhombus are interlaced with each other, changing into a rich form while maintaining the most innocent charm.

Boys wear a gentleman and a college style.

5. Waistcoat

Knitted waistcoat is a good hand for stacking and wearing. With the blessing of the diamond pattern, the sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality has been improved.

The rhombus knitted vest is more neutral, and girls wear more youthful and look good.

The rhombus sweater with a warm winter atmosphere is hardly picky and can be matched with any trousers.

The rhombus pattern is not only the incarnation of the classic, but also full of avant-garde style.

If the checkerboard pattern opens up your way of dressing, then the rhombus pattern is the icing on the cake.

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