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The etiquette and rules of tea culture

By: bianjibang Nov. 20,2021
Dress: tea drinking activities, should be dressed plainly, avoid heavy makeup.

Tea preparation: tea preparation, tea should try to use tea utensils, not directly on the hands.

Clean: clean the tea set in time before making tea, keep it clean and tidy.

Pouring tea: pouring tea seven minutes full is good, avoid spilling tea soup.

Salute: the master poured tea, the guest should promptly thank or bow finger salute.

Add tea: replace or add tea for the guest in time to avoid empty cups.
What are the etiquette and rules of tea culture
1、Tea preparation

Everyone's preferences are different, as is the case for tea.

When entertaining guests generally do not come with their own nature, but will first ask the guests what tea they like, what taste preferences.

Then decide what tea to brew, before brewing, you can introduce some tea characteristics to the guests, so that the guests have a general understanding of tea.

2、Tea table arrangement

Simplicity is the habit of tea drinkers.

Simple does not need to be luxurious, and the utensils that are not used should be outside the table as much as possible. Flowers and other decorative items, should be in line with the theme, color, material should be carefully selected, as far as possible with the main tea sets, tea table integration, to avoid the noise to take over the main.
3、Tea set cleaning

When making tea, the tea set should be scalded with boiling water in time.

One can clean the cup, and the other can warm the cup and stimulate the fragrance of tea.

Of course, it is also in respect for the guests.

3、Avoid contact

When handing tea, try not to use your hand to directly touch the cup.

One hand to hold the bottom of the cup of a point, the other hand is holding the cup of tea 1/2 below the part, fingers do not touch the cup, if there are conditions, try to use the tea tray when serving tea.

4、Take tea

When taking tea, you should use a bamboo or wooden teaspoon to take tea, do not grab it by hand.

If there is no teaspoon, you can tilt the tea cone to the pot or cup and gently shake it so that the right amount of tea leaves fall into the pot or cup.

5、The clockwise precautions

General tea master are right-handed pot or fair for guests to pour tea, should be from left to right clockwise pouring tea, so that the mouth of the pot or fair mouth is backwards for guests to share tea.

Because if from right to left counterclockwise then the mouth forward to pour tea for guests, the pot mouth constantly line forward as a sharp edge, into an aggressive action. Of course, if you are used to holding the pot in your left hand, you can do it counterclockwise.
6、Dividing tea

When dividing tea, pay attention to the general seven points full for the better, low position pouring tea, shall not be poured into too full, spilled tea, to do the same amount of tea for each guest, to show that the tea ceremony fair and equal, no thick and thin meaning. When the tea is divided, the tea cups are placed in front of the right hand of the guest.

7, finally add tea for yourself

Customarily, the rightmost tea is the tail seat, pouring the right amount of tea, each bubble of tea, should be swept by the tea master. The tea master should always be concerned about the changes of each tea soup, so as to adjust the elements of tea brewing at any time, in order to better play the quality of tea soup.

8、Refill tea

After the guest has finished drinking the tea in the cup and has reached the end, the cup should be refilled as soon as possible. If you find that the guest's cup has tea dregs, you should wash the cup again for the guest, or change the cup.
Tea table etiquette points to note

Tea time dress, it is best not to be too flashy, too trendy, dressed in a low-key some, to be more in line with the tea drinking situation, otherwise it will give people the feeling of claptrap, very discordant. Women in cheongsam, cotton and linen suits, will be a beautiful scenery on the tea table.

2, talk

The tea table can talk, but need to pay attention to the voice is not too loud, you can talk about tea, you can also talk about other, but the topic should be combined with other tea drinkers. Makeup Ladies drinking tea is best to apply light makeup, do not spray perfume, so as not to affect the feelings of other tea drinkers. Lipstick if stained on the cup, will not be elegant enough, there is a loss of etiquette.
3、 Leave the scene

Turn off the sound of the phone when drinking tea, turn on the vibration can be. If there are no special circumstances, do not leave the room easily in the middle of drinking tea. If you need to leave, gently gesture to the tea master and leave carefully.

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