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Can fresh roses be soaked in water?

By: anna Nov. 19,2021
Fresh roses cannot be directly drunk in water. Firstly, after picking, fresh roses have not undergone any treatment and have not been cleaned, there are certain impurities that are not hygienic, and the value of using fresh rose tea is low and not conducive to absorption.

Therefore, freshly picked roses need to be picked, dried and processed before the rose tea can be consumed normally.
How to make rose tea

1, can be a single bubble, can also be seasoned, the taste of rose tea is very fresh, but also very good to drink, help us to go to health, but also help our physical health.

2, generally once 5 to 6 can bubble 500 to 600ml of water, the water temperature is 100 ℃, bubble three times the most, bubble more than no taste.

3, drink rose tea this no precautions, but pay attention to light drinking.

4, alone bubble of course, you can also add the right amount of honey blend.
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