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How to raise a tea pet, what is a tea pet

By: jack Oct. 12,2021
Tea pets are mainly made of pottery and alabaster, which are breathable and absorbent and can easily absorb tea juice and form pulp.

Raising a tea pet is to nourish it with tea, similar to raising an alabaster pot.

1, tea pets are actually not difficult to raise, not only specific tea to raise, each tea contains different minerals, pu-erh is the most suitable for brewing a good tea pets tea, fast results, easy to shape the appearance of the tea pets.

2, tea pets should be wiped from time to time with a tea cloth, and a tea pen with a tea coating, so that the tea pets will be raised to become warm and lovely.

3, the tea pet to have patience, raising tea pets is to raise the heart, nature, do not be too anxious, to have patience and persistence, the importance of the word "raise".

4, if possible, it is best to use a type of tea to raise tea pets, so that the tea pets will not be exposed to different textures of tea and make the color impure.

5, choose the right size of tea pets generally choose a moderate shape, not too big, because you also want to consider the majority of its body to play the function of water storage water.

After a long time, the surface will have a good luster, look more vivid, touch will also be warm and smooth.

What is a tea pet
As the name implies, "tea pet" is a pet nourished by tea, mostly made of purple sand or Cheng clay fired ceramic crafts.

When drinking tea with tea dipped in tea broth coated tea pets or leftover tea water directly poured tea pets, over time, tea pets will be warm and lovely, tea fragrance overflowing.

Types of tea pets common tea pets are golden toads, brave, small animals, characters, etc., meaning to attract wealth into the treasure, good luck.

Some tea pets are exquisitely crafted and have a high collection value. There are also some tea pets using hollow structure, when poured with hot water will produce the interesting phenomenon of spitting bubbles, spraying water.

It is decided that it can only eat in and not out, people in this way to express the Chinese tradition of "wealth, dripping water," the concept of wealth.

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