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Cardiovascular patients in the winter need to pay attention to what the following four points are very important

By: kevin Sep. 14,2021
Winter is cold, vascular constriction affects the normal flow of blood, if we do not pay attention to diet and corresponding care in daily life, then not only will normal people trigger cardiovascular disease, for patients with this disease is also a great test, is likely to cause a relapse, so that winter must pay attention to keep warm, the temperature is too low to go out. The diet should be kept light, and appropriate exercise should be done, but not intense exercise. For more information about the proper care of cardiovascular patients, let's learn more about it.

What cardiovascular patients need to pay attention to in winter How should cardiovascular patients take good care of themselves in winter Knowledge of winter care for cardiovascular patients

  How should cardiovascular patients take care of themselves in winter?

  In winter, cardiovascular disease is particularly prone to recurrence, especially for the elderly with hypertension and hyperlipidemia, but also prone to cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease and other disease episodes, so that winter life care, which can effectively reduce the onset and recurrence of the disease, let's summarize to understand the relevant considerations.

  First, the bath time should not be too long

  In winter, we usually take a bath when the temperature is very high, in fact, this is not recommended, if the elderly use too hot water to take a bath, then there is a certain degree of danger to the body, in addition, the bath is not suitable for too long, a long time, the water temperature is too high inside the bathroom water vapor will be too much, resulting in oxygen deprivation, the elderly are very easy because of oxygen deficiency caused by the onset of cardiovascular and cerebral blood disease, so said winter bathing try to control in about ten minutes.

What cardiovascular patients need to pay attention to in winter How should cardiovascular patients take good care of themselves in winter Knowledge of cardiovascular patients' winter care

  Second, do not go out too early in the cold morning

  Winter morning is generally the coldest time, the temperature is low, there are some older people have developed the habit of getting up early in the morning, after getting up may go for a morning walk or a walk, in fact, this is also not good, this is because the elderly are very easy to cold eventually caused by the cold, resulting in cardiovascular attacks, so do not go out early in the morning in winter, should be reduced to go out, indoor activities can also be.

  Three, appropriate exercise

  The consumption of the elderly in winter will be a lot, if too much exercise will consume too much energy, increasing the burden on the heart, so that the elderly in winter exercise must be appropriate, do not do strenuous exercise, you can do some gentle movements, such as playing Tai Chi, slow walking, walking, etc., of course, square dance is also a relatively good.

Cardiovascular patients in winter need to pay attention to what cardiovascular patients in winter should how to take good care of themselves cardiovascular patients winter care knowledge

  Fourth, do not sleep with your head covered

  Some old individuals have such a habit of sleeping at night when they like to cover their heads, in fact, this is not right, the oxygen inside the nest is very little, will induce cardiovascular disease because of lack of oxygen, so do not sleep with your head covered.

  Cardiovascular patients in winter should be how to take good care of their own related to the introduction you should understand, hypertension patients friends winter is very dangerous, if not well care then will lead to many diseases, most of the cerebral infarction is caused by high blood pressure, myocardial infarction also has a certain relationship with hypertension, winter should also control blood pressure, maintain a calm state of mind, and to take antihypertensive drugs every day, do not arbitrarily Change the medication, it is best to eat more food that is conducive to stabilizing blood pressure, so as to reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease attacks.

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