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German minimalist style when Bo oljaryz height 160cm also hold the French style

By: Tony zhao Sep. 09,2021

The T master super favorite simple style blogger, today I want to introduce you to a fashion blogger from Germany - Olja Ryzevski, she likes to wear simple style, a little neutral clothes.

The gray suit can be said to be the leader of the suit world, and it is the right choice for girls who are just starting out. This set with a white tight undershirt as the inner wear, with a sharp blazer is both dry and sexy. The lower half of the body is a change of style to choose the retro style of the same color system shorts, but also very fashionable Oh.

The bust can well show the neck and collarbone line, suitable for arm and shoulder thin girls, white bust top with a black flared pants, retro and sexy.

Super deep v black heart undershirt with a retro style high-waisted jeans, the belt is the finishing touch to the whole proportion of people are up, the slender long legs show the best.

Simple suspenders plaid skirt can also be good beauty, with the jacket is also very good, so that autumn and winter also become beautiful. This attack of black and white suspenders plaid dress, sexy and chic, distinctive color collocation, with a retro mood, full of surprises, tight-fitting design, showing the curvaceous and beautiful body, so that people are very stunning, and then wear a pair of thick-soled boots very suitable for small girls.

White bustier + jeans + fine original point blazer, very handsome a collocation, Master T love!

OljaRyzevski is very love white clothes, this all white with casual style, home out travel are very good, of course, a pair of stylish sunglasses is not missing!

This sweatshirt shirt overlay, plus the "lower body missing" with the method, not only can help the beauty of the girl look petite and cute, but also elongated thighs, high and thin role, the whole look immediately become more fashionable.

Denim shirt-style dress single with a satchel is more playful and lovely, and then with sunglasses becomes a little mysterious feeling.

Knitted sweater as a beige sweater with a kind of, also has its unique charm. The hollow pattern design, so that the original simple beige sweater immediately become exquisite, with gray shorts, but also to highlight the leg line, appearing calf thin.

Do you like this kind of fashion blogger who wears simple style and somewhat neutral clothes?

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