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The benefits of drinking plain water How long can you keep plain water

By: kevin Sep. 08,2021
The benefits of drinking plain water

        For humans, water is second only to oxygen as a vital substance. In the adult body, 60% of its weight is water. In children, the proportion of water in the body is even greater, up to nearly 80%. If a person doesn't eat, he can survive for 7 days only by relying on the nutrients stored in his body or consuming his own tissues. But if one does not drink water, it is difficult to pass even a week. The loss of 10% of water in the body is a threat to health, such as the loss of 20% of water, it is life-threatening, which shows the importance of water to life. Water is not only the main component of the body, but also has many physiological functions. The solvency of water is very strong, many substances can be dissolved in water, and dissociate into ionic state, play an important role. So water is very important to the human body, but also very beneficial.

1, a glass of warm plain water in the morning, can promote metabolism.

2, modern people have the habit of sleeping late, drink a glass of warm water in the morning, you will be energetic.

3, a glass of water before meals, can reduce the intake of food, to solve the problem of obesity and three high problems have a supporting role.

4、Drinking plain water also has the effect of preventing cancer, because water has the effect of accelerating intestinal peristalsis, which is of great help in preventing cancer.

5, for people with heart disease, a glass of plain water before going to bed, to help prevent heart risks.

6, when people are not feeling well, drinking water is conducive to the elimination of toxins in the body.

7, drink more water is also conducive to maintaining an optimistic state of mind.

How long can you keep boiled water

        Some people often drink the leftover boiled water reheated, which is a bad habit. Because repeatedly boiling water will cause the aging of water, which will not only make the loss of beneficial minerals, but also may produce certain harmful substances such as nitrites. Drink cool white water after waking up in the morning, good health. Many people like to dry a good cup of boiled water on the first night, and then drink it early the next morning. This practice can be done when the temperature is not high; for example, in the summer, the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, the air humidity is high, bacteria multiply faster, overnight cold water will lose biological activity, and is very easy to cause diarrhea. You can pour a small half cup of plain water at night, and then cover, and then the next morning to boil water into warm water to drink.


Watermelon both to quench thirst and cravings, will not think about eating sweets. Watermelon can be diuretic, help digestion and reduce edema.


Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is good for vision protection and skin repair after sun exposure. Cold tomatoes without sugar is better, especially obese people, diabetics, hypertensive patients are not suitable to eat cold tomatoes with sugar.

Red pepper

       Regular consumption of chili peppers can help you successfully slim down. In the study, it was found that women who regularly eat chili peppers have a 20% higher chance of weight loss success than the portion of women who do not consume chili peppers. The capsaicin contained in chili peppers can help you suppress your appetite, while the capsaicin it contains is an important substance that accelerates fat burning.

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