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30-day exercise weight loss program, do these actions every day can be thin

By: kevin Sep. 08,2021

30 days exercise weight loss program - home chapter

1、Walk for 30 minutes

When you go to the supermarket to buy things, try to go around a little farther, while carrying shopping bags with both hands, with the increase in weight, the intensity of exercise will also rise!

2、Do housework for 20 minutes

Usually wash clothes, wipe the table can also lose weight, before the Spring Festival is not to clean, in fact, cleaning is also very weight loss Oh! Especially consciously tighten the muscles of the whole body, the amplitude of the action as large as possible, the caloric consumption force is very powerful!

3, do simple stretching action 20 minutes

The same morning and evening stretching the muscles and bones can also be effective in eliminating fat, than to do the intensity of the exercise, stretching exercises can better exercise the muscles, and make the hardened muscles to restore flexibility and elasticity.

30 days exercise weight loss program - slimming action

Action one: kneeling forked waist back up

Slim position: arms, hips, abdomen, front and back of the thighs

Kneel on the floor, knees and shoulder width, hands forked waist, shoulders slowly back, arm force, to feel the position of muscle stretching to the most substantial hold for 10 seconds, deep breathing, back to the position then do.

Action two: open leg arm lift

Slim position: arms, waist outside, inner thighs, calf belly

Legs forked as far as possible into 180 °, the palms of the feet and legs into a vertical angle, feel the calf belly taut, arms up, palms slightly enough to reach the head, slowly move to the left, the slower the effect is better, hold for 10 seconds and then do the opposite direction.

Action three: side lying leg lift

Slim position: arms, waist outside, outside thighs

Side lying on the floor, with arms against the head, the other hand propped up on the floor, with the waist and leg strength to lift both legs upward, hold for 5 seconds and then put down, do 10 movements and then change to the other side.

Action four: bending leg lift

Slim position: shoulders, back, buttocks, rear thighs

Lie on the floor, stretch your limbs, with the waist and abdomen on the ground, lift the left leg while lifting the right arm, and vice versa lift the right leg when lifting the left arm, move slowly, let the muscles stretch as much as possible, hold for 10 seconds and then change direction.

Action five: bend knees and arch back

Slimming position: thin arms, breast, buttocks, thin thighs rear side

Bend the knees, the size of the legs into 90 °, keep the back straight, put the arms above the knee, and press the knee, feel the back of the arms and thighs sore to be effective.

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