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What to eat to regulate the spots on the face

By: kevin zhao Sep. 03,2021
Although I do a good job of sun care before going out every day and pay attention to skin care, pigmentation appears on my face without a sound. In the end, how do blemishes form? What do you eat to regulate the spots on your face? Spot beauty want to know how to lighten the pigmentation whitening skin? Come to know it!

  There are many reasons for spots on the face, improper use of skin care products in Nissan, or irregular diet and rest time can lead to the appearance of pigmentation. Of course, some research shows that the appearance of blemishes and angry spots are closely related. When people are angry, the body will secrete a catecholamine substance, which leads to the increase of blood sugar, the strengthening of fatty acid decomposition, the corresponding increase of toxins in the blood and cells, and thus the increase of toxins, and often poor mood and tantrums also cause hair follicle wrinkles of varying degrees, and then the appearance of blemishes.

  How to lighten pigmentation

  There are many reasons for the formation of pigmentation, first of all, we must find the cause of our own spots, only the right medicine can be more effective to lighten the spots and eliminate them. For example, the simplest daily skin care method is to reduce the number of angry, drink more water to reduce toxicity, eat more fresh green fruits and vegetables, master the correct skin care method, and pay attention to the best skin care work of detoxification and skin care.

  Food therapy to protect the liver

  In fact, the medicine is better than food therapy, daily focus on diet to maintain health, relaxation to regulate bad mood. The day-to-day consumption of beard also regulates the liver and skin food, such as black fungus, silver fungus and rose tea, red dates, etc..

  How to remove spots on the face

  Vitamin supplementation

  Vitamin C is an indispensable nutrient for human body and skin, and the care of whitening skin must not be able to stand vitamin C. Therefore, the proper daily supplement of vitamin C nutrients can help inhibit the production and precipitation of melanin, so as to improve the problem of skin discoloration, prevent and control discoloration, light spots and remove spots, so that the skin can be whitened.

  Proper diet

  A proper diet is good for skin care and health. If you have spots on your face, you may want to eat more bananas and tomatoes, the skin care effect is also very good. In addition, bananas and tomatoes can be mashed into a puree and applied to the face, or honey and milk homemade mask can be applied to the face. Regularly adhere to the use of help care whitening skin, light spot spot.

  Drink more vitamin C fruit juice

  Fruits rich in vitamin C, such as lemon, orange and carrot, can be juiced and drink it every day, which is helpful for beauty care and prevention of skin vascular aging, and can also eliminate the symptoms of facial pigmentation.

  Reasonable work and rest time

  The simplest and most effective skin care method is to ensure sufficient sleep time, which is also the simplest and most effective way to remove spots. Lack of sleep due to frequent late nights and all-nighters is the main cause of dull yellow skin, roughness and premature aging as well as the growth of pigmentation. Therefore, to ensure eight hours of sleep every day is the golden period to enhance skin immunity and self-repair.

  What is the most effective regulation for removing spots

  Eggplant to remove spots

  Eggplant is very effective in removing spots, and it is one of the good ingredients for beauty and skin care. Eggplant is rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Wash eggplant daily, use eggplant juice on face, or cut thin slices repeatedly, gently wipe until red and hot, then wash with warm cool water, persistent use will play a light spot effect.

  Cucumber Porridge

  Scientific research shows that cucumber is rich in potassium salts, carotene, vitamin C, vitamin B1, sugar and protein, calcium and other nutrients, which are useful for eliminating pigmentation and whitening skin. You can eat more cucumber or use cucumber to make a homemade mask for your face.

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