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Weight loss according to personality Different personalities lose weight in different ways

By: kevin Sep. 03,2021

According to the personality to choose a more effective exercise weight loss methods

  1、Sociable type

  You like to interact with others and can work together with a partner. Then you are more suitable for golf, squash and other team sports or activities, so that the love of communication is very attractive to you. Recommended weight loss exercises: aerobics, spinning, pedal exercises, etc. If you prefer to choose exercise sports instead of team-based sports activities, you can increase the social and communicative nature of the sport yourself, you can invite friends to run together, etc.

  2、Solitary type

  You like to be alone, do not like to deal with others, do not like too much communication with people, social social behavior makes you feel very tired. Such you, is not a social "loner", the proposed weight loss exercise to be on the mild side, such as playing Tai Chi in the park, swimming or long-distance walk.

  3、Super workaholic

  You are a workaholic, work busy and you are willing to do, but sometimes too tired to do other things. This type of people, their spontaneity is very strong, preferring fast movement, they do not have time to think and feel aversion to sports. Most team activities and ball games are the best choice for them to lose weight. You can choose to run, stretch or exercise on the treadmill to lose weight, ride a bike with friends, skate or hike, etc.

  4、Habit planning type

  You like to make plans and like things to be under control. You like things to be in order and do not like to be surprised. Then you must choose to do weight loss exercises that have a sense of control over you, such as various kinds of dance, tai chi, yoga, weight lifting, and especially Pilates.

  5、Independent and self-occupied type

  You are a 100 percent self-powered source of motivation and can accomplish what you want to do without relying on the support of others. In theory, this type of person has good self-control and perseverance, and can choose those weight loss exercises that need to be done spontaneously, such as running, weight lifting, cycling, swimming or tai chi, etc. The basic weight loss exercises are not difficult to beat this type of person.

  6、Dependent type

  You must be self-rewarded and encouraged by others to keep going. These people are more dependent and need more external motivation, so enrolling in fitness classes will be a way to make you more likely to succeed, such as tennis, martial arts, skiing and other weight loss exercise classes.

  7、Focused type

  You can concentrate easily and you like to work hard. People who can concentrate easily can choose tennis, squash, complex dance or tai chi. If you have a strong sense of competition, then you can also choose a variety of team sports or martial arts.

  8、Trivial type

  You are easily distracted and distracted, and it is difficult for you to concentrate on one thing for too long. Walking is the most suitable for people who do not easily concentrate on weight loss exercise. Because walking can enjoy the scenery while letting your thoughts skyrocket. Walking also allows for interpersonal communication. Perfect for people who tend to wander off to lose weight.

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