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5 psychological tricks to help you quickly control your appetite

By: kevin Sep. 03,2021

1. Self-stimulation

  Can in the face of delicious food, is about to be unable to restrain, want a taste of delicious, immediately will own more disgusting things or smell to stimulate themselves, so as to suppress appetite. Obese people can also be in their own home by the refrigerator, the dining table paste, put their own bloated body photos, or will have their own desire to have a beautiful body of the star's photos on their own photos next to do comparison, more can be others usually laugh at their own bloated body cartoon paste out, so that when eating, stimulated, will subconsciously reduce the amount of food.

  The principle of the stimulated method is to make yourself aware of your current physique and firm up your determination to change the status quo, but to find a positive and optimistic way to slim down the best way to lose weight.

  2. Self-motivation

  Obese people can use the reward method to firm up their determination to lose weight when they reach their intermittent weight loss goal. There are many ways to reward. In the establishment of a long-term weight loss task, each day to achieve the weight loss goal, throw a coin into the money jar, to the coin set in the money jar to a certain amount, use the money to buy their favorite things. But always remember, can not buy their favorite high-calorie, high-fat food.

  The reward method is not limited to the above heard, but can also be more specific. For example, not according to the daily task of setting standards, and E to see how much weight they lose, you can reduce every 500 grams to the empty bag filled with 500 grams of weight items, and often mention the bag, feel the weight of the end. And the weight of the bag is what you lost before the excess body meat.

  3. Share a meal with someone

  A person's efforts are usually small with the supervision will be more able to urge themselves to complete a goal, therefore, for obese people, should try to reduce the number of separate eating, instead of eating with family or friends, let family and friends do their own "supervisor". Under their supervision, you can better control their own diet, to ensure that they neither eat too much, nor fasting. You can also find a dieter who has the same struggle and encourage each other to move towards the same goal, thus strengthening your resolve to overcome the difficult times together.

  To find a friend with the same weight loss problem. To find like-minded friends, you may want to go around the weight loss salon, which can have a lot of good friends waiting for your invitation.

  4. divert attention

  Weight loss, some obese people even if not face food, just by recalling the image of food, smell, it can cause appetite. Especially serious when hungry. For this reason, weight loss friends can use other behaviors to replace eating and divert their attention. For example, take a brisk walk or drink a glass of water until your memories or imagination do not lead to excessive insulin production. You can also take the conscious eating method, this method allows you to face the food more sensible, eating to stay awake to think, so as to get rid of the old habit of "eating when hungry", and become a rational diner.

  5. Recognize the eating environment

  When a person often in a specific environment, or a fixed place to eat, while watching TV series while snacking, time after time, this kind of TV snacking behavior will become a habit, and then, whether you are hungry, in this environment or place you will want to eat. Therefore, obese people can choose to eat only in a fixed place, a fixed time, do not watch TV while eating.

  The biggest enemy of weight loss is the uncontrollable appetite, no matter how diligently you participate in the gym, or how long to implement a weight loss program, once you can not suppress their appetite, ultimately can not achieve their weight loss goals. The weight loss mental exercise allows you to easily and harmlessly suppress your insane appetite, so that you can develop healthy and reasonable eating habits.

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