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Alternative psychological weight loss method to lose 5 pounds a week

By: kevin zhao Sep. 01,2021

We live in a stressful society for a long time, and relationships with others, work, workplace, family and troubles between the opposite sex are all causes of stress, and the desire to "lose weight" will also cause stress if it is not satisfied. Some people are too eager to lose weight, which can lead to eating disorders such as overeating or refusal to eat. Many of the patients I treat have developed vomiting calluses due to chronic overeating and vomiting, and have put their hands in their mouths in order to spit out the food they eat, resulting in calluses on the backs of their hands from their teeth.

  Of course, these examples are very extreme, but there are many people to reduce stress by overeating is a fact. This naturally results in gaining weight. Moreover, when you start to lose weight, "you want to eat but can not eat" has become a new pressure, in order to reduce this pressure, some people again into the vicious circle of overeating.

  Weight loss in a mentally unstable situation is the main cause of eating disorders and weight loss failure. So, what should we do to reduce mental stress?

  In this regard, the autonomic training method, which stabilizes the mind and body through relaxation and relaxation of the whole body, was formerly used to treat psychosomatic and psychiatric disorders, but has now become popular as a general health therapy. Yoga, tai chi, and qigong are all very effective.

  In addition, means such as meditation and self-referral are also very effective. For example, imagine yourself thin, or a specific picture of "if I have a very handsome boyfriend, then I must go out with him on Sunday," and so on. The medical term for this is "free association", which is a method of self-control by portraying in your mind a specific aspect of yourself that is good.

  As you may know, many athletes usually do "impression training". This training method is to repeatedly imagine their own success, such as "I want to break through the opponent's defense to score a goal", "I want to break through the super difficult skill moves in a row", etc., so that it is input into the brain, and finally play a positive role in the real scene when the same scene.

  Mental Weight Loss Method

  The first move: stimulation method

  Principle: let yourself face a delicious meal, when you want to gobble, immediately by the stimulation of disgust, in order to suppress appetite.

  Practice: obese people can be next to the refrigerator, paste their own body because of the bloated and ridiculed cartoons, or will be their own belly photos on the dining table, while looking at the photos, while eating.

  Reminder: see the slim men and women's friends remember the fat women in the photo of the scene, the expression of hatred of fat very realistic, and friends can not just to the photo "hate", but also positive optimism to find the best way to lose weight and slim.

  Second move: reward method

  Practice: obese people can use the reward approach to firm up their determination to lose weight. Rewards for a variety of ways. One of the practices is to insist on losing weight every day, throw a coin into the money jar, reward yourself to buy something you like. But remember, don't prize food in your mouth.

  Reminder: You can also be innovative and specific for each point of progress. For example, fill an empty bag with a pound of sand or something else for every pound of weight you lose, and lift that bag from time to time to see how much it weighs. This weight is the excess meat on your body before.

  The third trick: avoid eating alone

  Principle: for obese people, should try to avoid eating alone, but should eat with family or friends. Among friends and family, "hire" a few "supervisors" who have influence on you. In this way, they can control your diet, neither let you empty stomach, nor let you eat openly.

  Practice: sometimes despite your sincere efforts to lose weight, but also desperate and can not persist in the time. At this point you should find a dieter who has the same struggle, to encourage each other, to complement each other's strengths, and to tide over the difficulties together.

  Suggestion: go around the weight loss salon, there are many friends inside.

  The fourth move: walk away from the law

  Principle: some obese people to the image of food, smell, and even the imagination of food, will cause appetite. For this reason, it is recommended that obese people use other behavior to replace eating, may be able to extinguish this reaction.

  Practice: such as a brisk walk, a glass of water, or insist on not eating until this kind of imagination can not lead to excessive secretion of insulin.

  There are many ways to eat

  Conscious eating method

  This "conscious eating method" requires you to face food rationally and think clearly when eating, and eventually you will get rid of the old habit of "eating when hungry" and become a rational diner, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss and slimming.

  Three meals to cleanse the intestines

  The method of splitting food is the protein, starch split food method, if you can use this method of scientific eating, you can easily lose 7 pounds in 1 month Oh.

  The fifth trick: fixed place to eat

  Practice: If you often eat in a specific environment, such as watching TV while snacking, over time, a TV want to eat, regardless of hunger or not. According to the characteristics of obese people, only in a certain place, a certain time to eat, or not while watching TV while eating.

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