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The big film came infinite charm Chanel Chanel official announcement 2022 early spring series show

By: kevin zhao Aug. 31,2021
Recently, Chanel Chanel announced that it will show the 2022 early spring collection in Dubai on November 2, as the fashion industry's vane, the news was launched for domestic and foreign fashionistas, luxury buyers and even the entire fashion circle injected a shot of cardiac stimulant, people incomparable expectation at the same time longing for the Chanel Chanel show will bring what surprises. From fragrant family groceries to country houses, from man-made seaside to misty forests, and the recent May show site of the quarry of light, each show creativity is astonishing, fashion and life closely combined, the style of a hundred changes non-stop.

It can be said that Chanel Chanel show is the perfect interpretation of the brand, leading the fashion frontier product creativity, changing product style, as well as regardless of the cost, real money investment in research and development, coupled with high advertising costs and top-stream celebrity endorsement, Chanel Chanel will be the best interpretation of noble luxury, for the brand itself to bring extraordinary added value, once the exclusive use of the noble royal family, often The show bags and runway suits that can cost tens of thousands of yuan or even more than 100,000 yuan still can't stop consumers from "buying it". As recently Chanel Chanel announced a price increase, but this has more stimulated people's willingness to buy, have to rush to buy, and this behavior has also promoted the global luxury rebound.

Behind the consumer tendency to rush, Chanel Chanel what is the charm, even in the face of such high product prices, can still harvest a large number of fans, today let the blogger to Chanel Chanel classic tweed small incense suit, to explore the unique charm of the Chanel Chanel brand.

"The trend is fickle, the style is everlasting", is Chanel's permanent heritage of the brand spirit. Since the tweed wool cardigan with the same and knee-length skirt set off a new trend in the fashion world, this Chanel revolution has continued for 139 years now. The Chanel style is a synonym for fashionable celebrity, luxury and elegance, and the symbol of the Chanel style, tweed, first appeared in England when the noble men wore it during hunting, and then Chanel introduced it as a fabric into the fashion circle and designed it into women's suits. With the persistence of the classic, Chanel Chanel tweed cilantro style suits continue to improve, becoming the first choice of elegant women, and even gained the reputation of wearing the right is "Chanel on earth".

In addition to the grasp of fabric design and fashion trends, Chanel Chanel tweed suit and the combination of life, has become a source of support for its infinite charm, as its founder Chanel once said "life does not please me, so I created my own life", which is no longer a fashion statement, more about the attitude to life. Nowadays, more and more independent women are wearing luxury Chanel Chanel tweed suit, walking in the front of various fields, with practical action to practice their own story of the times.

The stars walking in the fashion front wearing Chanel tweed (from left to right Zhou Xun, Xuan Mei, Song Xi, pictures from the Internet)

Luxury tweed suits became the favor of royalty (from left to right, Princess Diana, Princess Kate, Princess Caroline, pictures from the Internet)

When fashion models meet Chanel Chanel tweed small fragrance suit, blockbuster both eyesight (pictures from the network)

More and more Asian faces are wearing Chanel clothes, becoming a bright color of fashion life (pictures from the network)

The success of Chanel Chanel luxury tweed small fragrance suit, but also from Chanel Chanel as a luxury brand brand added value, nearly a century of focus, persistence and innovation, greatly enhance and enrich the product story, in terms of marketing, will be easier to create topics, leading fashion, and thus form a good consumer crowd word of mouth, focusing on elegant, fashionable women with spending power.

Chanel Chanel tweed small fragrance suit, is not only a needle point under the presentation of art, but also a powerful expression of women for themselves in the new era, they are independent, bold, wise, luxury, I believe this is also the perfect interpretation of Chanel fashion trends and life aesthetics. In the face of the upcoming Chanel Chanel official 2022 early spring series show, we look forward to the classic tweed chambray suit can bring more exciting!

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