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A must for the elite gentleman! The popular Canadian men's styling product KEEPIT Handsome is now in Tmall International!

By: kevin zhao Aug. 31,2021
In this era of women's makeup and decorations, men's makeup and styling products are actually quietly rising, as the popular Canadian styling brand KEEPIT Handsome is known for its professionalism, the brand specializes in the study of men's care products for more than 20 years, the ingredients of each product are derived from natural plant extracts, the use of specially tuned lasting elite fragrance to protect your whole day charm, in order to KEEPIT Handsome has become the symbol of elite men in Canada today.

  In August 2021, "KEEPIT Handsome" officially entered the Tmall international flagship store, "KEEPIT Handsome" officially opened. Even if you don't look for a buyer, you can enjoy simple to sophisticated men's care and styling products without leaving home.

  Brand establishment, reflecting innovation and effort

  They are the co-owners of a very successful and fashionable men's salon. As hairdressers, they are busy using products and combing their hair every day, but one day they had a bold idea: they felt that the current men's hair styling products have many shortcomings, such as the lack of long-lasting styling, unpleasant smell, difficult to use, etc. difficult to use, etc.

  Because most of the beauty type products tend to be female, the R&D and innovation also tend to be more female. So Mirko and Claudia have spent the last 20 years using almost every men's hair product in the world. In the process, Mirko has summarized the advantages and disadvantages of each product, and the reasons why each product causes various problems. Mirko's goal is to create a series of products that are easy to use and long-lasting.

  After months of repeated research and tireless efforts, they succeeded. As a tribute to its beginning, they decided to name their brand KEEPIT Handsome.

  The brand is professional and highlights its philosophy even more

  "KEEPIT Handsome" pursues the combination of nature and science to do no harm to the skin, and its products are free of chemical preservatives that are harmful to the skin and even health, such as parabens and formaldehyde release. To ensure the effectiveness and safety of its products, "KEEPIT Handsome" has been testing and researching various men's care products from around the world, summarizing the advantages and disadvantages of each product and the reasons why each product has various disadvantages, and reflecting its findings and conclusions in the development of each product. Mirko and Claudia's products are designed to be easy to use and long-lasting.

  Mirko and Claudia's dedication is a testament to the brand's philosophy: KEEPIT Handsome is all about encouraging self-respect and respect, fighting sloppiness and keeping you looking good.

  Long-lasting styling, enhanced by a unique fragrance

  KEEPIT Handsome's hottest product is this matte hair wax: ① Natural ingredients

  ① Natural ingredients

  Maybe you still have worries about poor quality ingredients damaging your hair and causing hair loss?KEEPIT Handsome insists on 6 no-add naturalism, with all natural ingredients, free of alcohol and parabens that can be harmful and hurt your hair. The natural beeswax is healthy for shaping; the weak acid is mild and refuses to be greasy, and the vitamins contained in KIH can nourish the hair while shaping, so that consumers can use it with more peace of mind.

  ②Featured fragrance

  As a brand positioned to focus on elite men's styling, with a signature fragrance process, refusing to cheap smoky smell, KEEPIT Handsome to help create an elite fragrance, divided into three notes before and after the fragrance. The top note is a refreshing and pleasant watery citrus fragrance, the middle note emits geranium, and cardamom fragrance, fading the greasy, revealing a warm and mysterious elite scent. The back notes of cedar and sandalwood slowly rise, warm and firm, yet relaxed, concealing elite premium taste.

  ③ Easy to rinse

  KIH Matte Hair Wax can quickly create a matte, voluminous and thick hair style. and volume. It is also a water-based formula that rinses easily with water, giving you fresh hair without leaving any residue and refusing to leave your hair sticky.

  Regular instruction and careful assistance on how to use the product

  In an era where everyone loves beauty, not only girls love beauty, but men also need to be charming and handsome to shape their image. If you want people to lock you in at a glance, then the easiest way to do that is to start with your hair.

  Nowadays, there are all kinds of hairstyles, what you lack is not inspiration but a piece of equipment that can help you styling, and also the shaping of your hair you do not have to worry at all, in KEEPIT Handsome official website professional stylists, hairstylists will regularly carry out online and offline to teach everyone how to effectively use the products to carry our due handsome.

  Caring for the environment and participating in anti-bullying activities

  "KEEPIT Handsome not only hopes that elite men can simply maintain their own refinement, but also hopes that every consumer can do their part to fight bullying and make the world a more beautiful place.

  That's why the company has partnered with a number of like-minded organizations, and invited famous radio host and journalist Strick and 2012 Stanley Cup finalist Cam to help make the world a better place by spreading the brand's anti-bullying message through blogs.


  "KEEPIT Handsome's current product line is divided into hair care products, beard and shave care products, and hair and body care products. The hair product line is a must-have for every hair style. The products in this line are perfect for all kinds of hairstyles, whether long, curly, wavy, short or fine hair, and can be simply made to look good; the beard and shaving care products are designed for daily care of the beard; the daily shampoo, conditioner and body spray series can make every gentleman have nourished hair and masculine breath.

  The variety of products is very rich and comprehensive, can, to meet the requirements of your elite men's daily care, simple but also exquisite look.

  This entry is in the hope that consumers can experience a more convenient and less stressful experience of using simple and exquisite products. The goods will be sent directly from overseas to consumers through international logistics, official supervision, effectively avoiding the risk of counterfeit goods, to provide domestic consumers with a new shopping experience.

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