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Greg Macpherson, founder of SRW Labs in New Zealand, works with medical experts in various fields to build your quality of life

By: kevin zhao Aug. 25,2021
In the Global Happiness Index 2021 report, New Zealand, a country synonymous with natural purity, jumped to ninth place, the only country in the southern hemisphere in the top 10. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) also resumes publishing global livability findings in 2021. In its 2021 annual report, 149 cities around the world were rated and scored on their stability, infrastructure, education and health care in the face of the epidemic, resulting in a final ranking. Auckland, New Zealand's main city, was named the world's most livable city in 2021 despite the impact of the new coronavirus.

The report is based on data from February 22 to March 21, 2021. Although New Zealand is an island nation with an inherent geographical advantage for the introduction of and defense against the New Coronavirus, New Zealand's ability to quickly and efficiently counteract the introduction and spread of foreign carriers and effectively limit the increase in local cases is closely related to the diverse and high quality of life of its population and the country's emphasis on the healthcare industry.

New Zealand's indigenous Maori culture, European civilization, and a variety of other ethnic lifestyles have resulted in a multi-ethnic culture unique to New Zealand. New Zealand people's "slow" pace of life will also be the envy of those who have adapted to the "fast" life in China. No hurry, no impatience. A peaceful natural environment and high quality food are important factors to ensure a happy and healthy body and mind. The awareness and attitude of New Zealanders to pursue a high quality of life and maintain a healthy body has become a part of their daily life. This has contributed to the country's call for various medical experts to explore and research in the field of human health, ensuring the rapid stability and growth of the New Zealand health care industry.

New Zealand biotechnologist Greg Macpherson

New Zealand biotechnologist, professional pharmacist, healthy longevity expert and star entrepreneur Greg Macpherson, as a native New Zealander, is committed to maintaining people's healthy body condition and enjoying the concept of high quality, calling various authoritative experts in the field of biotechnology, with 30 years of professional experience in human cells and DNA as a pharmacist and more than 10 years of research in cytology. Based on scientists' nine-dimensional cellular anti-aging theory, and with this as a strong theoretical support, we established SRW Laboratories (Science Research Wellbeing Laboratories), which became popular worldwide as soon as it was launched. The products are sold overseas, including the United States, and are favored by consumers.

The team of experts at SRW Laboratories includes world-class scientists in the fields of anti-aging, cell structure and function, biochemistry, and biotechnology. Their research results in each field directly or indirectly prove and support Greg Macpherson's theory of cellular theory, which is also a strong scientific backing for SRW Laboratories.

Dr. Naji Abumrad, MD, PhD, of the University of Beirut, has more than 40 years of scientific research and surgical expertise and was elected to the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2014 and is highly respected by his peers. His research comprehensively supports Greg Macpherson's proposal that the natural compound 2-HOBA from Himalayan buckwheat is effective in supporting DNA protection against free radical damage and in scavenging reactive carbonyl substances that cause cellular stress.

Greg Macpherson's theory of the role of NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) in supporting cellular repair, i.e., NMN supports the formation of NAD+, a cofactor in energy production, is also supported by the research of Dr. Jianjun Yu, director of NMN R&D, NMN researcher, and expert in pharmaceutical ingredient development at East China University of Science and Technology, who has been working on NMN in the same field. Dr. Yu holds several patents, including the NMN preparation method, from his ten years of research experience with different institutions.

Festrinone, which Greg Macpherson advocates as being beneficial in supporting cellular autophagy, stabilizing normal intracellular protein formation and protecting against harmful chemicals, has also received theoretical and research support from experts in various fields. Dr. Chris Meletis, a naturopath and former executive director of the Institute for Healthy Aging, affirms the effectiveness of fexarone in maintaining cellular health to keep the body healthy: "My philosophy in life is that to keep the body in top shape and to enjoy a high quality of healthy life, a proactive anti-aging promoter is the key to avoiding the accumulation of dead cells in the body The key to avoiding diseases caused by the accumulation of dead cells."

In addition to these three leading experts, SRW Laboratories is supported by the SRW Laboratories brand by Dr Moshe Szyf, an expert in pharmacology and therapeutics; Dr Cem Aydogan, a former renowned physician in endocrinology; Dr Alan Snow, a pathologist at Queen's University; and Dr Mark Houston, the highest honorary doctor of medicine (MD) at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, The findings of these leading scientists, supported by the SRW Laboratories brand, will be the basis for future solutions to the problem of the disparity between health and life expectancy.

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