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Dampness heavy how to get rid of dampness effect is good, these methods to get rid of dampness people want to try

By: kevin zhao Aug. 25,2021
Living habits lead to the increase of dampness in the body of people nowadays, if the dampness is not discharged in time, patients will often feel heavy limbs, general weakness, all day a depressed look. Long-term, the body is easy to collapse, to which some people ask how to get rid of dampness heavy effect? The following introduces the method of dispelling dampness, to help people health care body.

  Dampness heavy how to get rid of dampness effect is good

  1, soak feet before going to bed

  In daily life, people should develop the habit of soaking their feet every night, preferably at eight or nine o'clock. At this time we are generally more free, and dinner has been eating for some time, will not affect the food digestion. Each foot soak for 15 minutes to promote blood circulation, warm the body, accelerate sweating and dampness will be discharged from the body along with sweat. Therefore, foot soak before bedtime is helpful to get rid of dampness.

  Among them, I remind, soak feet before bed to pay attention to the time, because the soaking time is too long, the water is cold will not play a health effect. And feet have been soaking in cold water, but easy to lead to cold dampness before invading the body, will aggravate the dampness. Once a week you can use mugwort soak water, help improve the effect of dampness.

  2, scientific food

  People with heavy dampness should pay attention to diet, because many people have heavy dampness in their bodies because they eat too much cold, cold food. These foods come with a lot of cold and damp gas, the more you eat, the more dampness will accumulate in your body. The more you eat, the more dampness will accumulate in your body. If you don't avoid eating in time, you will easily cause the problem of heavy dampness. In order to get rid of dampness, people need to eat more warm food.

  There are many foods in life that help dispel dampness, such as barley, winter melon, gorgonzola, etc. You can use them to stew or cook porridge for daily consumption. You can also eat more warm food, because of the warmth and heat of food, eat to warm the body. After the body is warm, it will sweat slightly, and the cold dampness will be slowly discharged. Therefore, three meals a day should eat hot food, all kinds of frozen, cold food must be avoided.

  3, adhere to the exercise

  Want to drive away the dampness in the body, must adhere to the exercise, arrange a reasonable amount of time every day exercise, both to get rid of dampness and health care body, to promote fat burning, to play the effect of weight loss and body shaping. People with heavy dampness always feel sluggish and do not like to exercise, but the more they do not exercise, the more the amount of cold and dampness in the body will accumulate. Therefore, it is recommended that people with heavy dampness should stick to exercise.

  Among them, there are many exercises that help dispel dampness, such as running, jumping rope, yoga, dancing, playing Tai Chi, etc.. People can choose their favorite one or two sports, exercise at least half an hour a day, up to an hour. Persistence can revitalize qi and blood, accelerate qi and blood circulation, enhance the body's metabolic capacity, so that dampness is slowly discharged from the body.

  What are the characteristics of people with heavy dampness

  1, dizziness

  When a large amount of dampness accumulates in the body, people will feel dizzy, the whole person drowsy, always want to sleep. Sleep enough every day, but also always feel sleepy.

  2, no appetite

  People with heavy dampness often have a poor appetite, always feel full and swollen, do not feel hungry and will not want to eat. When it comes to sweet and greasy food, after eating into the mouth, always feel greasy and difficult to swallow.
  3、Lack of energy in the limbs

  Excessive dampness in the body, the body will feel very tired, limb weakness do not want to move, feel no strength, limp, this is a typical symptom of excessive dampness.

  4, sticky stool

  Dampness heavy people will appear sticky stool, every time after the large, you have to flush many times to flush the feces away. When wiping, also always feel not wipe clean.

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