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How to walk to lose weight Walking every day helps women lose weight

By: kevin zhao Aug. 10,2021

         People should walk more everyday, because walking is also a sport, adhere to the daily walking is also helpful to lose weight. So how to walk to lose weight? It is recommended that obese people take some time to look at it, so that they slowly become thin.

  How to walk to lose weight

  1, enhance the speed of walking

  Want to lose weight by walking, can not be like daily walking, need to improve the speed of walking. Accelerate the speed of walking, you can improve the heart rate, while maintaining an even breathing, which helps promote fat burning and accelerate weight loss. In order to be able to improve the speed of walking, it is recommended to take smaller steps when walking and speed up the frequency.

  Among them, it is recommended that when walking to alternate speed, the very beginning, first to the maximum speed walking, and then reduce the speed of walking at medium speed, alternately, this type of exercise, to better stimulate the body muscle groups, help the body to better burn fat, thus playing a weight loss effect.

  2, walk at least 30 minutes a day

  Want to walk to become thin, you need to walk at least 30 minutes a day, the body needs to reach a certain amount of exercise, in order to start the fierce consumption of fat and heat accumulation in the body. Of course, the longest walking time can not exceed 1 hour, too long will damage the knee. Suggested walking time, it is best to body slightly sweating, feel tired after it can.

  3、Warm up before walking

  Walking is also a sport, so you need to warm up before walking. Because the warm-up action can be a good activation of the body muscle groups, so that the body more quickly into the movement mode. Both can avoid people in the walking process long strains, but also can better promote fat burning. For example, stretching limbs, twisting waist, kicking legs and so on.

  In addition to these 3 points, want to walk to lose weight, but also pay attention to control the diet, because the diet intake is too much, will lead to excessive calorie and fat accumulation, insufficient exercise, can not completely consume the excess calories and fat. Eventually it is easy to cause the body to gain weight, which is not conducive to controlling the figure.

  What are the best ways to lose weight in summer

  1、Eating should be chewed slowly

  When eating daily, chew slowly, do not eat too fast. Because eating too fast food is difficult to be digested by the stomach, it is easier to produce accumulation of food, which can easily lead to abdominal obesity. In order to be able to better chew food, people eat, must be serious, do not eat while playing with the phone.

  2, choose the right food

  Want to lose weight successfully, you need to choose the right food, for example, to eat more coarse grains, vegetables, fruits, these foods have a high dietary fiber content, help promote gastrointestinal motility, can more effectively discharge the body's waste and toxins, is a good helper for people to lose weight. In addition, learn to avoid eating, for example, away from sweets, fried food, because high sugar, high-fat food, especially prone to weight spikes.

  3, treatment of constipation

  Many people are fat because of constipation caused by a large number of stool accumulation in the intestines, it is easy to produce toxins, thereby increasing the burden on the liver and kidney organs. Will also lead to obesity in the waist and abdomen, the situation of large belly, in order to let the small abdomen back to flat, need ideas to treat constipation.

  Among them, it is recommended to drink a cup of warm boiled water when you get up early, because drinking water helps moisten the intestines, helps make dry stools wet and helps soften them. This allows the feces to be excreted faster when the intestines are moving. In addition to boiling water, you can also choose to drink light salt water, honey water, to promote the effect of bowel movements is also good.

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