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The efficacy of lotus leaf chrysanthemum tea

By: kk Aug. 04,2021

Lotus leaf chrysanthemum tea is one of the tea types that many people like to drink, so do you know what are the effects of Lotus leaf chrysanthemum tea. The following is a list of the effects of lotus leaf and chrysanthemum tea, I hope it will help you.

Effects of lotus leaf chrysanthemum tea

Sweet and bitter in taste, slightly cold in nature, it can disperse wind and clear heat, clear the liver and eyes, anti-inflammatory and detoxification. It is effective in treating dry mouth, fire, astringent eyes, or pain and numbness in the limbs caused by wind, cold and dampness. Chrysanthemum can mainly prevent symptoms such as cold and wind fever, headache, tinnitus and vertigo.
Chrysanthemum can also be very effective in treating eye fatigue and blurred vision. Chrysanthemum has been known in China since ancient times for its ability to protect the health of the eyes.
Honeysuckle has been known since ancient times as a good medicine for clearing heat and detoxifying the body. It is sweet cold and aromatic, sweet cold to clear heat without hurting the stomach, aromatic and transparent and It can dispel evil. Honeysuckle can not only disperse wind-heat, but also clear blood poison, which is used for various febrile diseases, such as body heat, rash, spot, fever, sores and carbuncles, sore throat and sore throat. It can be used for various febrile diseases, such as body heat, rash, spotting, heat sores and carbuncles, sore throat, etc., all have remarkable effects. Brew - cup of chrysanthemum tea with honeysuckle tea can eliminate eye fatigue, but also to clear the The effect of heat detoxification, dredge the throat, eliminate summer heat and annoyance. It is a good tea for health care, but these two flowers are cold, cold constitution of People should not take it for a long time. -It can be taken in moderation 2~3 days a week.

How to make chrysanthemum and lotus leaf tea

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum 5g, lotus leaf 15g.
Preparation: the ingredients are cleaned, - together with boiling water, cover and simmer for a few minutes to drink.
Efficacy: weight loss and slimming, clear heat and remove fire.
In addition to boiling water, we can also boil to drink, if boiled, the amount of lotus leaves need to be added to about 20 grams to 30 grams, put all the ingredients together in the pot, boiled and then remove the dregs and leave the juice to drink. You need to drink it frequently as a substitute for tea.
Chrysanthemum is cool in nature, sweet and bitter in taste, with the effect of clearing wind and heat, bright eyes and detoxification, commonly used in the treatment of headache, dizziness, eye puffing, heart and chest fever, boils and swelling and toxicity, especially for those with hyperactivity of liver yang is more effective.

The efficacy of lotus leaf in water

First: treat diarrhea

In summer and autumn, because the climate is hot and humid, if you do not pay more attention to diet, it is easy to vomit, diarrhea, and the color of the stool is yellow, but the odor is more unpleasant. This time to make the body back to health, you can take the lotus leaf brewing water to drink, can play a good anti-diarrhea and subsidize the spleen and stomach with, the body can also clear the summer heat and damp, diarrhea naturally disappeared. In addition to this method of brewing directly with boiling water, you can also stir fry lotus leaves into ash, then grind it into powder and take it with sugar three times a day, and you will soon be able to recover your health.

Second: Treatment of edema

Whatever the reason for the swelling of the face and the decrease in the volume of urine, taking lotus leaves can be a good relief. You can burn the wilted lotus leaves and grind them into powder, then take out an appropriate amount each time and wash it down with millet soup, three times a day, and the edema will soon subside.

Third: Treatment of yellow water

Yellow water sore is a contagious skin disease, and is relatively stubborn, there is no way to eradicate it easily. In China The Chinese medical literature has recorded that lotus leaves can be burned into charcoal, then ground into powder, stirred with sesame oil, and then This has a miraculous effect and can quickly restore the body to health.

Fourth: Paint sores

The so-called lacquer sore is actually a kind of allergic dermatitis caused by skin allergy to paint. This disease can also be treated with the help of lotus leaves. The lotus leaves are dried, brewed with boiling water or decocted and then scrubbed on the affected area twice a day. The affected area, twice a day, can be restored to health after a few days.

Fifth: lowering blood lipids

Modern research has found that lotus leaves have the effect of lowering blood lipids. Lotus leaves are bitter and mild in nature, so they are good for the liver, spleen, stomach and heart. The Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of cooling the blood and stopping bleeding, which is very suitable for patients with high blood pressure It is very suitable for patients with high blood pressure and high blood lipids.

Sixth: diuretic and laxative

Lotus leaf has a very good diuretic effect, the most direct manifestation of which is that after taking lotus leaf tea, the frequency of going to the toilet increases significantly.

Not only does the urine increase, but also the stool becomes smoother. If you usually have a bowel movement once a day, then you will have to take The number of times you go to the bathroom after taking lotus leaf tea will increase, mainly to two or three times a day.

How to drink lotus leaves in water

Tear lotus leaves into small pieces and put them into a cup, pour boiling water and cover it with a lid, and when the water is not hot, you can take it. You can take it now.

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