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How to remove the moisture in the body

By: Aug. 02,2021

        There is a theory of Traditional Chinese medicine, "thousands of cold easy to remove, a wet difficult to go", this sentence can see that the dampness is still a certain difficulty, the accumulation of excessive moisture in the human body, there will be a variety of diseases, to bring certain harm to people's health, so it is necessary to timely remove the body moisture heavy. Methods to remove moisture in the body include maintaining a reasonable diet, appropriate exercise, and avoiding excessive humidity, sweating, and foot soaking.

  1. Eat right

  A long time of unreasonable diet, easy to lead to the abnormal function of the spleen and stomach in the human body, which makes the water in the nose can not be discharged normally. Among them, eating too much meat is very easy to produce moisture. People with heavy moisture in their bodies can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement the body with nutrients, accelerate the normal metabolism of the body, and help improve the abnormal symptoms caused by heavy moisture. People with heavy moisture in their body can also appropriately eat some food to remove moisture, such as coix seed, red bean, millet, wax gourd and so on.

  2. Exercise

       When people keep reasonable exercise every day, it can help to speed up the metabolism in the body, promote the moisture in the body to be discharged through sweat or urine as soon as possible, and help to remove the moisture in the body. When removing moisture through exercise, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that you can not take a bath immediately or take a cold shower directly after exercise. At this time, the pores of the human body are in the open state, in contact with cold water, may increase the body moisture.

  3, avoid the environment is too wet

  When there is moisture in the body, in addition to the need to improve their own metabolism, a part of it is also related to environmental factors. When people live in a cold and damp environment for a long time, it is easy to cause moisture to enter the body, so to remove the moisture in the body, people need to pay attention to the room if the moisture is heavy, they can open the window properly and ventilation, and reduce going out in wet weather.

  4, sweat evaporate

  Heavy moisture in the body can also be removed by sweat steaming. In the process of sweat steaming, the pores on the skin will open. In a high temperature environment, the human body will dissipate heat by perspiration, and sweat will exhaust part of the moisture.

  5, soak the foot

  Stick to soaking feet every night can also get rid of moisture. When you want moisture to be discharged as soon as possible, you can add mugwort and ginger into the foot soaking water.

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