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Introduction of several brewing of Keemun black tea

By: Anna Aug. 31,2021

Keemun black tea cover bowl brewing introduction

1. Prepare the tea set, cover the bowl, hand-bubble (electric kettle), fair cup, tea cup, teaspoon, etc.
2. Before the tea is boiled, put the boiling water into the bowl. After about 10 seconds, discard the water. This method helps to increase the temperature of the bowl to ensure the water temperature during brewing. After warming the bowl, warm the cup and the cup.
3. Brewing with a bowl, it is recommended to add 3 grams of tea. At the same time, according to the degree of taste and the number of people, the amount of tea is increased.
4. The brewing water temperature of Keemun black tea is preferably around 90 °C. The soaking time is measured by the thickness of the tea leaves and the level of raw materials. Fine tea, such as high-quality national gift, special grade, first-class Keemun black tea, it is recommended to brew after 10 seconds of brewing, the number of brewing increases once, the brewing time can be extended by 5 to 10 seconds. The tea soup in the bowl must be cleaned every time it is brewed.
5. After the tea soup is poured into the fair cup, this can achieve the effect of uniform tea soup. Press the tea soup into the cup in the order from right to left. In this way, a cup of Keemun black tea that is as bright and bright as amber is brewed.

Keemun black tea Piao i Teapot brewing introduction

1. Put in tea: Take a proper amount of Keemun black tea and put it into the Piao i Teapot liner. It is recommended to put 3 to 5 grams of tea.

2. Water injection: flush into the Piao i Teapot, and the water temperature is preferably around 90 °C.

3. Wait for the tea soup: Cover the lid and wait for a while. The soaking time of the first bubble of Keemun black tea is about 10 seconds, the number of brewing times is increased once, and the soaking time can be extended by 5 to 10 seconds.

4. Out of the soup: Press the button above to make Keemun black tea into the Piao i Teapot.

5. Pour tea into the cup: Pour the tea soup from Piao i Teapot into the teacup. Keemun black tea with fresh orchid and rose aroma can be enjoyed.

Keemun black tea three-piece cup bubble method

1. Put in the tea: Open the lid and put 4-6 grams of dry tea into the liner according to the size.

2. Water injection: then rush into the corresponding temperature of the water, the water temperature is preferably around 90 °C.

3. Filter the tea soup: Put the lid on the lid for about 10 seconds (after adding water to the soup to extend the brewing time), and propose the liner so that the tea soup flows into the outer cup along the filter wall. The cup can be placed on the tea cover.

4. Tasting: A cup of translucent fragrant tea, you can enjoy it with a warm cup.

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