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What tea sets are used for the six major teas

By: Anna Jul. 26,2021
1, green tea should be brewed with transparent non-grainy glass, porcelain cup, cover bowl, etc.; 2, yellow tea should be brewed with porcelain pot, cup, cover bowl; 3, white tea should be brewed with glass boiling tea pot, white porcelain cover bowl, transparent glass cup; 4, black tea should be brewed with white porcelain cover bowl, glass cup, etc.; 5, oolong tea should be brewed with cover bowl, zisha pot and other tea sets; 6, black tea can be brewed with zisha pot, white porcelain cover bowl, puffy cup and other tea sets.

What tea sets are used for the six major tea types

1、Green tea

Green tea should be brewed with transparent glass cups without patterns, or white porcelain, celadon, celadon uncovered cups, bowls, etc., with the glass cups without patterns being the best.

2、Yellow tea

It is advisable to use milk white porcelain, yellow glazed porcelain and colorful porcelain pots, cups, cover bowls, cover cups, etc. with yellow and orange as the main colors for brewing yellow tea.

3、White tea

You can use white porcelain pots and cups, or black porcelain tea sets with black glaze on the inner wall, followed by glass teapots suitable for boiling tea, in addition, white tea can also be brewed in transparent glass cups.

4、Black tea

You can use white glazed purple sand tea set, white porcelain, red glazed porcelain pot, bowl, cup, etc. It can bring out the onyx-like tea color of black tea.

5、Oolong tea

You can use white porcelain texture pot, bowl, cup, or purple sand texture tea set. Lining tea color and gathering tea fragrance.

6、Black tea

You can use purple sand pot, white porcelain cup, or puffy cups and other tea sets.

The characteristics and advantages of various tea sets

I. Glass tea set

Glass is a colorless and transparent material, which is characterized by its translucency, convenience and observation of the form, color and texture of the tea, the disadvantage is that the insulation performance is not good.

The most suitable tea is green tea, yellow tea, these two kinds of tea leaves are the most delicate, the water temperature of tea should not be too high, so as to fully infuse the freshness and taste of green tea.

Second, old iron pot

The old iron pot can soften the water and make the tea taste more natural. The thermal conductivity of the iron pot is very high, and the water cooked out is at a relatively high temperature. High temperature water is most suitable for suitable for brewing pu-erh tea, which is fully stimulated by high temperature and full of aroma.

Three, porcelain tea set

Porcelain tea set, porcelain is the incarnation of clay. The clay nurtured the tea tree, and the clay was refined by people in the fire into hard teaware, white porcelain, blue and white porcelain, Jun porcelain, Ru porcelain, with different soil properties everywhere.

Thin-walled porcelain transfers heat quickly and porcelain tea sets do not affect the aroma of tea.

Porcelain tea set, basically suitable for all tea types, and there is no special point of attention.

IV. Purple Sand Tea Ware

The apparatus of Zisha is made of clay firing, there are Shu Shan clay, purple clay, red clay, Duan clay and other kinds.

Different clay, make different color utensils. Purple sand tea set is characterized by good air permeability and good water absorption, which is the best partner for oolong tea, black tea and pu-erh tea. It can make the tea soup more fragrant and mellow.
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